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15 April 2016

Africa Pop

Talented photographers and curators zoom in on an unsuspected, funny, surprising pop Africa.


Maud Sulter


The artist, who died in 2008, conflates African and European cultures in surprising photomontages.


Swinging Bamako

The fabulous story of Las Maravillas de Mali

In the 1960s, Mali’s government sent seven young men to Cuba to continue their musical education. They came back with their first song, Rendez-vous chez Fatimata, a smash hit that that brought all of Africa to its feet. And while Bamako danced, the country changed. From Malike Sidibé to the archives of the CNCM (Centre national de la cinématographie du Mali), the exhibition traces an African experience.


Tear My Bra,

Drama and fantasy in Nollywood movies and their influence on cultural and visual storytelling in Africa

Nollywood is the world’s second-biggest film industry, behind Bollywood but before Hollywood. Studios In Lagos, Nigeria distribute their output across Africa. Their influence is growing throughout the continent and can be found in many art works.