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22 July 2015

Alice Wielinga

North Korea, a Life Between Propaganda and Reality

Église Saint Blaise



April 2013. While the western media dogs Kim Jong‐un’s steps during his missile test launches, I travel 2,500 kilo‐ metres through the North Korean interior. Once arrived, the images I know from my advance research correspond with the scenes my guides proudly show me during their propaganda tour. but seeing these scenes with my own eyes, I gradually discover that behind everything they present to me, a different reality is hidden. while I listen to my guides talking about what invaluable contributions the greatly admired leaders made to their country, I drive through a landscape that looks haggard and desolate. during my journey I collect propaganda material and take photographs of the reality I encounter. This material is the basis for my multimedia project North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality. With the found propaganda images and my own photographs I compose a story that deconstructs the North Korean propaganda.


Alice Wielinga



With support from Yellowkorner.

Exhibition venue: église Saint-blaise.