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19 July 2015

An exchange of views, Olympus conversation, Rencontres d’Arles 2015

Art is nurtured by correspondences, echoes, and influences, whether avowed or no. All artists stand on their forerunners’ shoulders, and one day others will stand on theirs. Every year for three years, Olympus has revitalised this never‐ending dialogue by asking great names in contemporary photography to sponsor three young graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles (The National Photography School in Arles). The outcome of this interaction and sharing of experience is a mirror exhibition. This year, Denis Darzacq teams up with Swen Renault, Paolo Woods with Elsa Leydier, and Dorothée Smith with Rebecca Topakian. The photographers have conversations, share their views, and compare their work. Their photographs circulate and their visions penetrate each other. The goal is to take the veteran photographers’ images and prolong, refute, and transpose them to create a work in its own right. The idea for this dialogue on photography stemmed from the close ties between Olympus and the Arles school, which have had a bold, productive, and faithful partnership for many years. It wagers on the future by showing the accomplished works of masters and those of students. Is this a transfer of power? The old guard had better watch out: their successors may already be waiting in the wings.

Natacha Wolinski


Prints by picto, paris, and voies Off, Arles.

Framing by Picto, paris, and Voies Off, Arles.

Exhibition venue: Couvent Saint-Césaire.