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15 July 2015

Another Language


This exhibition is comprised of over 200 prints, both vintage and contemporary, which, for the most part, have never previously been seen in europe. There are new and unseen bodies of work by some of the best‐known practitioners, like Hosoe and Moriyama; key works by lesser‐known but equally important historic figures like Fukase, Inose, Naito and Suda. From precise formal compositions, to landscapes, street photography, and theatrical performance, from the 1960s to the present day, Another Language offers a new perspective on photography in Japan, from the known to the unknown, the classic to the avant‐garde.

Simon Baker



Exhibition curator : Simon Baker.

Exposition produced in collaboration with Akio Nagasawa (Tokyo), Jean-kenta Gauthier (Paris), G/P (Tokyo) galleries and Masahisa Fukase Archives(Tokyo) and produced by the Rencontres d’Arles.

With support from amanasalto & IMA, the Japan Foundation and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.

Publication: Another Language. Eight Japanese Photographers, IMA, 2015 (trilingual edition).

Exhibition venue: église Sainte-Anne.