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Jean Luc CramatteBorn in 1959 in Porrentruy (CH).

It is in 2006 that Jean-Luc Cramatte meets Jacob Nzudie, who describes himself as a ‘supermarket photographer’. Nzudie is a self-taught street photographer working in Yaoundé where he has taken several thousand photographs of Cameroonians posing in front of the shelves and displays.

Jean-Luc Cramatte is a photographer, publisher and curator. He has already completed several heritage projects. One of these gave rise to the publication of a book entitled Dimanche à Yaoundé. Along with his activities for the development of photographic heritage, Cramatte is the author of two series of photographs published in his books Poste mon amour (Lars Müller, 2008) andBredzon Forever (Idpure, 2010). His work with series has much in common with Nzudie’s thousands of full-length portraits of Cameroonians in the supermarket.

Jean-Luc Cramatte presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2011, presented by Sam Stourdzé for the Discovery Award: Supermarket at the Grande Halle.