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DarzacqBorn in 1961 in Paris.

Lives and works in Paris.

With a background in photojournalism, Denis Darzacq, who seems to be obsessed by the question of how people live together, is patiently building up an epic picture of new urban realities and issues linked to the way people, in crowds, in groups, or as isolated individuals, understand the city. His avid curiosity leads him, like some sort of land surveyor, towards worlds and tribes that he barely knows, if he knows them at all, but they are people with whom he feels a personal kind of kinship. He attempts to discover their poetic side or simply their oddness and to express this artistically. In parallel with this quest, he is extremely attentive to the different ways the human body relates to the city space. Eschewing realistic conventions of representation, Denis Darzacq stages each one of his “encounters” in a specific way. This personal, photographic way of seeing reveals, by implication, things that are difficult for straight reportage to express – codes, hopes, the things unsaid by which every “one” in the crowd asserts their presence.

Denis Darzacq presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2009 with his series Hyper and in 2012 with his series Act.