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PORTRAIT-FABREBorn in 1958 in Antwerp (Belgium), where he lives and works.

Jan Fabre defies all classification: in addition to being a stage director and choreographer, he draws, sculpts and creates filmed performances. He is also the founder of the multidisciplinary review Janus.

In the late 70s the young Fabre was already a sensation with his actions and performances. His sculpture is now part of the contemporary art world from Documenta in Kassel to the Biennales in Venice, São Paulo and Istanbul.

His visual repertoire is prolific, polymorphous and endlessly changing. This versatile artist excels with ease as theatre director, stage director, choreographer, writer of texts for operas and plastic artist. Not content with drawing, he also creates sculptures, installations, performances, videos and films. One of his recurring visual themes is his Warriors of Beauty: animals from another era, objects ravaged by time, fallen angels, artists and writers living and dead, men of science and philosophers, devils and demons: these are the channels for a dialogue with death and his own deep, obscure void.

Versatility, dialogue and metamorphosis: with these Jan Fabre has shaped a territory all his own on the international art scene.

In 2005 at the Rencontres d’Arles took place the exhibition Stage pieces by Jan Fabre as captured by a number of gifted photographers at the Chapelle St Martin du Méjan.