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FIORIO, Giorgia

PORTRAIT-FIORIOBorn in 1967 in Turin, Italy.

Lives and works in France and in Italy.

Freelance photographer Giorgia Fiorio is a graduate of the International Center of Photography in New York. At the outset of her career, she took the bold and unusual decision to devote herself to long-term projects, working on the same subject for several years at a time. Starting in 1990, she carried out a vast ten-year project entitled Men. Totally immersing herself in each environment for several months, she explored the closed male communities of Western society in the late twentieth century, photographing the boxers of New York, the miners of the Donets Basin in Ukraine, Foreign Legionnaires, Spanish bullfighters, American firefighters and sailors. These assignments yielded several monographs, and are now gathered in an anthology titled Des Hommes, published by Editions Marval. As soon as this project was completed in

January 2000, she embarked on a new enterprise named The Gift, which she describes as a visual testimony and a personal quest about the relation of the individual to the sacred and humanity’s spiritual heritage. This eight-year search took her all over the world to photograph subjects as varied as Easter Island cults, Easter purification ceremonies in the Philippines, Sufi whirling dervishes in Turkey and age-old Inca rituals on the high Andean plateaux.

Giorgia Fiorio presented her work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2009 with her series The Gift, at the Magasin Electrique.