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PORTRAIT-MENDEZBorn in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lives and works in Barcelona.

“Self-taught. I have been working as a professional photographer for 14 years. I got involved in photography through music: I started taking portrait pictures of music bands and making covers for record labels. I work for various papers, such as The Observer, Big Magazine, Surface, Neo, Vanidad, La Vanguardia Magazine, Rojo, Suite, Fanzine137 and, on a very regular basis, for El País Semanal.

I was chosen as “Nouveau Talent FNAC PHOTO 2002” and my exhibition Mondo Cane (curated by Jordi Socías, editor of El País Semanal) toured around Fnac stores all over Spain throughout the year 2003, then in France in 2005 and around Portugal during 2007.

One of my favourite projects was made with Vasava studio (Barcelona), a book named Remember the King: an editorial on the most bizarre and disturbing side of American culture and way of living.

Shooting became a natural daily act, where friends and experiences play the role of the main characters. I am attired to teenage culture and the new movements that emerge from it.

I participed in several others exhibitions as collective exhibition during Circuit I, II, III, IV and V edition, Barcelona, Mediateca Club 01 y 02 (collective exhibition) in Fundació La Caixa (curated by Manel Clot), collective exhibition: Silenci, Iguapop.gallery, 2007, exhibition Llámalo foto, touring during 2007 in Fnac- Spain, exhibition during 080 Barcelona – Crossing (Fashion is everywhere): Spring/Summer 2008.”

Leila Mendez presented her work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2008nominated by Luis Venegas for the Discovery Award: Slight wounds at the Grande Halle.