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portrait shinoharaBorn in 1925 in Shizuoka.

Died in 2006 in Kawasaki.

Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara studied Mathematics before enrolling to the Tokyo Institute of Technology (B.Eng. in 1953, Dr. Eng. in 1967) where he began a long teaching career, becoming professor in 1970. Some of Shinohara’s main architectural works include: House in Kugayama (1954), House in White (1966), House in Uehara (1976), House in Yokohama and The Centennial Hall at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (1987).

His solo exhibitions include two traveling shows, one in Paris, Aachen, Lausanne, Zurich & Palma during 1979-80 and the other in New Haven, Montreal, Manitoba & Cambridge, MA during 1981-1983, and two-person show ‘A pair of full-scale houses in the department store’, Tokyo in (1964).

Kazuo Shinohara presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2010, nominated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist & Philippe Parreno: Kazuo Shinohara at the Atelier de Mécanique.