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PORTRAIT-SIYA-SINGHBorn 1980 (India) in Pune.

Lives and works in New Delhi.

Siya Singh pursued her interest in photography at the London College of Printing (LCP), London and completed her visual arts degree at the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), Sydney, in 2002. On returning to India, she has been working independently as a photographer. In 2004 she was the subject of an artist book, About Turn – a series of portraits of a young urban Indian woman, photographed by Anay Mann. During the making to the book, Siya began to make self-portraits, which was displayed, alongside the book, as an installation of 250 images – provoking a dialogue on both representation and self-representation.

Siya’s self-portraits investigate the psychological and external dimensions of femininity and identity in a milieu, which for the most part is unreceptive and suspicious of her androgynous looks. Her images provide an insight into the mind of a young urban woman pushing the boundaries of conformity. Often labelled as narcissistic, Siya continues to evolve her work using ‘the self’ as a mirror to society.

Siya Singh presented her work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2007: Selfportraits at the Atelier des Forges.