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STRBA, Annelies

PORTRAIT-STRBABorn in 1974 in Zug, Switzerland.

Lives and works in Richterswill and Amden in Switzerland.

After a three-year apprenticeship at a photographer’s studio and a traineeship in industry, Annelies Strba married an artist and raised three children, while also photographing her family environment. She travelled to Poland, East Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. She was discovered in 1990 by Bernhard Bürgi, who offered her an exhibition, One Person Show, at the Kunsthalle in Zürich.

In 1997 her book Shades of Time was published by Lars Muller, and she produced a related slideshow in the same year. In 1996, she was a visiting artist in London, followed by time in Paris in 1997. She has written many monographs and other publications.

Since 1990 she has been showing her work in museums and galleries in Europe and the United States. Since 1997, she has also been making videos.

Annelies Strba presented her work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2009: Shades of time, at the Atelier de Mécanique.