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THAIN, Alastair

PORTRAIT-THAINBorn in 1961 near Düsseldorf, Germany.

Lives and works in London.

After studying photography at the London College of Printing, Alastair began receiving regular commissions from Vogue magazine, rapidly making a name for himself as a portrait photographer.

Noted for an exceptionally revealing, graphic style, Alastair’s work possesses a beauty and edginess that makes it uniquely recognizable. With an intuitive ability to reach beyond the superficial and offer up a deeper insight, Alastair has been responsible for creating definitive portraits of many of the world’s most famous and talented people.

Alastair’s creative talents and exceptional technical skills have been applied to numerous high profile and award winning advertising campaigns. A passionate innovator, Alastair has created his own super large format camera systems. Recent advances in digital capture and printing processes have had a major bearing on his working methods, he is an enthusiastic customiser of new technologies and is excited by the creative possibilities they bring.

A selection of his last exhibitions: in solo, en 2010: Monotheism, Galerie Morgen, Berlin, Germany, en 2009 Marines: Portraits by Alastair Thain, Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, England ; group shows: 2012 Goodbye Paradise, with John Breed, Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany et en 2007: How We Are: Photographing Britain, Tate Britain, London, England

Alastair Thain presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2002, with his series Dreams, at the Magasin d’Entretien.

Credit: http://bonakdarcleary.com