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ZANOT, Francesco


Born 1979 in Milan, Italy.
Lives and works in Milan and Turin, Italy.


As a critic and curator of photography, Francesco Zanot has collaborated on exhibitions and books with some among the most renowned international photographers. He has curated photobooks by artists such as Linda Fregni Nagler, Guido Guidi, Olivo Barbieri, Takashi Homma, Charlotte Dumas, Mark Cohen, and his essays have been published in various monographs and catalogues. His last contributions appeared in books dedicated to the works by Luigi Ghirri (Kodachrome, Mack books) and Domingo Milella (Steidl). he is the author of Ping Pong Conversations (Contrasto), an extended interview with American photographer Alec Soth. Director of the Master in Photography organised by Forma‐NABA in Milan, he is associate editor of Fantom. since 2015, he is curator of Camera—Centro Italiano di Fotografia, Turin.



Francesco Zanot presented Paola Pasquaretta and The Cool Couple  at The Discouvery Award at the Rencontres d’Arles 2015.


Portrait : avec l’aimable autorisation du commissaire.