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Paolo Pellegrin, As I Was Dying


Heidelberg, March 2007: Paolo Pellegrin’s As I Was Dying receives the 14th Leica European Publishers Award for Photography from the jury of European publishers of photography books. A Magnum member since 2001, Paolo Pellegrin, at 43, was given the definitive accolade by his peers – again in 2007 – with the Robert Capa Gold Medal […]

Ambroise Tézenas / Beijing, Theater of the people


For his project Beijing, theatre of the people, Ambroise Tézenas won the 13th Leica European Publishers Award for Photography, presented by a jury of seven European publishers, in March 2006. Recent history has been marked by China’s return to centre-stage, and by Western fascination with its extraordinary economic development. With a few rare and notables […]

Walter Roil’s Patagonia


Born on January 24th, 1904 in Freiburg, Germany, Walter Roil dreamed of a career as a musician, but finally became a photographer after beginning his apprenticeship with Hartmann in 1920. In 1926 he was commissioned to work on the province of Chabut in Argentina, but the wind, the desolate landscape and loneliness drove him back to […]

The Zuber Studio, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


The “Zuber Studio” was both eloquent testimony to the between-wars photographic revival in France and an intensely moving human adventure. It was not a legal or business entity, but rather a hub, a meeting place in the form of the laboratory at the Damour Agency in Paris, where René Zuber ran the photography department and […]

Alberto Garcia-Alix, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


“Photography has something infernal about it, By which I mean: There’s no coming back. Taken by its hand, we pass by the other side of life. And there, caught in its world of light and shadow, and only a presence, we also live. Immutable. Our troubles forgotten, we atone for our sins. At last, domesticated; […]

Liu Bolin’s performance in Arles


Liu Bolin / Camouflage Liu Bolin (b. 1973) is a relative newcomer to the performance scene. A graduate – in 2001 – of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, Bolin offers performances in which body-play suggests living sculptures. His focus is on the body in its social environment: how does one merge […]

Madame la Présidente, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


A Rencontres d’Arles photographic commission In France the portrait of the president is everywhere: in every city hall, prefecture, police station, prison and school. Running at more than 100,000 copies, this is the very emblem of the Republic and democracy. The First Republic (1792-1804) having no president, the office did not exist until the founding […]

Q.E. II @ 80, Elizabeth II and Camera Press, 60 years of “Gentleman’s Agreement”


Born in 1926, Queen Elizabeth II of England is the only international figure to have been photographed for over 80 years by the world’s top photographers. Her official portraits thus cover half the history of the discipline. These portraits reflect photography’s evolution from Pictorialism, with its in-studio application of academic codes, to such contemporary approaches […]

Magnum Photos, 60 anniversary year


Magnum Photos was founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and David Seymour, four photographers convinced of the need for absolute independence in terms of commitment and coverage of world events. Down through the decades others have joined them and the resultant host of iconic images is now part of our collective […]

Chai-na / China


Artists: Cang Xin, Han Bing, He Yunchang, Hei Yue, Huang Yan, Ian Teh & Wang Wei, Jia Youguang, Li Wei, Liu Bolin, Liu Jin, Liu Zhuoquan, Miao Xiaochun, Shao Yinong & Mu Chen, Sze Tsung Leong, Wang Wei, Weng Fen, Wang Jin, Wang Qingsong, Zhang Dali, Zhang Baijun, Zhao Liang, Xuli Wenyan. China’s cities are […]

RongRong & inri, Liu Li Tun


Liu Li Tun is a neighbourhood in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, near the eastern segment of the 3rd Ring Road. In 1994 RongRong moved into one of the somewhat decrepit houses with square courtyards that had accumulated raggedly one behind the other to form a “village” within the city. He then spent eight years […]

Gao Brothers, Another World


Using photography to explore social and political issues, as in the Sense of Space, the Hug series and the Forever Unfinished Buildings project, the Gao Brothers embody a two-sided intellectual complexity in search of a new utopia. And along the way they invite the viewer to share their works’ feelings of confusion: just what are […]

Huang Rui, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


Huang Rui’s oeuvre is informed by an acute consciousness of the political world he lives in and the exercise of a rigorous aesthetics of social commitment, that have few equivalents in the world of contemporary art in China. The major strength of his work is that it succeeds in visually transforming the codes governing the […]

Siya Singh, Selfportraits


Siya Singh’s self-portraits are a pointed commentary on the changing identity of an urban Indian woman. They also serve to reflect on the inherent narcissism, which inhabits each of us. The metamorphosis of the child-like woman into a woman who is aware of herself and her sexuality subverts all preconceived notions of Indian femininity. In […]

Jeetin Sarma, Arnav & Anya


Jeetin had no inkling that by doing what any good family man would do, that is photograph his son Arnav, he would be doing more than just discovering a means of expression in which he excels today. In fact he did far more – he renewed a photographic genre which, though it had not become […]

Bharat Sikka, Space in-between


Bharat Sikka’s vision of Indian cities is like his portraits of men:1 not easy of access. His in-between territory, revealed here for the first time, bristles with traps and echoes. The sky is low, like a true northern sky. The space seems open and empty, but it hums, it throws up problems and pylons. The […]

Anay Mann, About Neetika


Anay Mann is seventeen years old in 1991 when India’s economy opens up to the rest of the world. Following in his friends’ footsteps, he puts all his energy into breaching the modernity gap. Completely at ease with global TV culture as well as his traditional family environment, he is wholly a part of the […]

Pablo Bartholomew – Outside in, A tale of three cities…


For his fifty-first birthday, Pablo Bartholomew gave his future a strange present: his past! He took on the taxing task of digging out and scanning his first 35 000 black and white negatives, “forgotten” for the last 25 years. A reputed, international photojournalist – and as such a survivor of all things past – he […]

Sunil Gupta, Love & Light


Tea and biscuits. Sitting opposite us on his New Delhi terrace, Sunil Gupta is not really there. All the way from Mundia Pamar, his remote clan’s village, to the backrooms of London and back again, the world has played quite a few tricks on him. At 15, he arrives with his parents in snow-covered Montreal […]

Nony Singh, Nony & Nixi


At age seven I made a portrait of my mother in Pakistan during a family picnic. It is still one of my favorite pictures. In 1948 I was studying in a boarding school in Dehradun. I spent each month my pocket money (20 Rupees) on making photographs with my box camera, while my friends spent […]

Dayanita Singh, Go away closer


Dayanita Singh comes back to the Rencontres d’Arles this year and chooses to confuse issues a little more. She has opted to combine the latest, enigmatic element of her personal work, Go Away Closer, with images of an unknown photographer she has only recently “discovered”: her mother! Over the last few decisive years of her […]

Raghu Rai, Reflections of India


When, seated before his guru’s portrait, the elegant and ardent Raghu Rai talks of taking photographs, he easily admits that after a while he is spurred by an irrepressible feeling of happiness and giddiness and has a sudden urge to dance around his subject. With his eye screwed to his viewfinder, he inhabits the heart […]

Eric Kessels, Loving your pictures


Vernacular collection of Eric Kessels Loving Your Pictures discovers and exhibits the professional everyday photographer. It offers another look at different photographic series outside their original and intended purpose. This separation allows for viewers to add new meanings to the images with different considerations and perspectives. Loving Your Pictures brings together different manifestations of what […]

Pannonica de Kœnigswarter, The Jazz musicians and their three wishes


In the late 1960s Pannonica de Knigswarter took a host of polaroid shots of jazz musicians, catching her subjects in situations that make for highly distinctive images: many of the photographs were taken in the privacy of her own New York home, rather than in public. Thelonious Monk nicknamed her apartment – where he was […]

The Alkazi collection of photography, Painted Photos & Souvenir Album


PAINTED PHOTOS The tradition of painted photographs reached its zenith during the first half of the 20th century. The narrative paintings of the Ajanta Caves (2nd century BC – 5th century AD) marked our first encounter with the embellished image, manifested centuries later in Mughal miniature paintings. Here lay the foundations for several art forms, […]

Heidi Specker, In the garden


Trees get old, but concrete lasts forever. Concrete is raw, while trees grow and flower. With Heidi Specker we are “In the Garden”. A garden that knows no horizons. Trunks and bushes rise straight in front of the facades. Biotopes resist the idyll, and no soil could serve as a anchoring point, because Specker stays […]

Peter Piller, Durability


Since 1998, the artist has been working in the “Peter Piller Archive” on the re-interpretation and re-presentation of photos and picture archives which had been previously published in other contexts. For his art work, he uses pictures from a commercial aerial-photo archive in addition to images from regional newspapers, pictures from the internet or from […]

Cat Tuong Nguyen, Homunkulus, Firecrackers and oils


On being asked about his profession, Cat Tuong Nguyen answers “artist”. And even though, through the years, he has proved that he masters the classic fields of photography such as portrait and landscape in the same way as fashion pictures and reports, as the fancy takes him, he keeps on exceeding the bounds of the […]

Joseph Mills – Discovery Award, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


Joseph Mills’ photographs elude my attempts to explain or categorize them. I am seeking words to describe the art of someone whose pictures are intentionally and essentially very difficult to describe. Their meanings rest in spaces that we cannot see, spaces that are created by the tension between the elements that we can describe. In […]

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, Habitat 7


Four of the earliest major civilizations were formed in river valleys . The fertile lands provided surpluses of food that enable the growth of populations, the development of cities, and thus the creation of civilizations. Though we now live in an industrial and technological era, where the survival of our existence no longer simply depends […]

Gay Block, Portraits projects


For over three decades Gay Block sectioned society into groups that she could then portray through acute photographs of its members. Some of the projects were commissions. She began in the mid-seventies with members of the Jewish community in Houston (her hometown), which was a project for a significant anniversary of her synagogue. Other commissions […]

Qiu, Prix Découverte des Rencontres d’Arles 2007


Even now, I still don’t know what photography is, I just obstinately keep holding a snapcamera and shoot muddleheadedly. Obstinacy, muddle, apartness, stinginess, timidity and nostalgia, these characters influence my way to view the world around me. Loneliness and fear wake me in tears, filled with fear of losing everything. I try my best to […]

Nanna Hänninen, The new landscapes


My most recent series of works, The New Landscapes, are urban landscapes or (city) scapes, photographed in Finland (Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Helsinki), in the USA (Brooklyn – New York), in Switzerland (Zürich and Basel), Germany (Düsseldorf and various places), and Portugal (Azores), between years 2004-2006. The photographs from The New Landscapes are taken from famous […]

Trinidad Carrillo – Discovery Award, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


The words of the song are those you repeat before you fall asleep, the words you hum for somebody to sleep, to wake, to fall asleep again. Can you go in there and what can you bring back with you? What are you longing for. Pictures like many ways of silence. My eyes are too […]

Anna Katharina Scheidegger, High Altitudes


The main motifs of this photographic narrative derive from places of which appearance suggests such specific situations as violence, isolation, fear, loss, beauty and harmony. The images reveal the destruction/construction inherent in the urban process, while also intimating a silence, a halt. The moment of tenseness before or after something happens. The silence after the […]

Eric Mutel – Discovery Award, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


I wanted to combine, in one environment, a proposition that takes two forms: a video installation based exclusively on photography; and, in parallel, another space for exhibiting photograph prints. The featured images are variations and developments of the video installation In Cryo Video. Research sources and steps that were used in the process to create […]

Laura Henno – Discovery Award, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


Anyone who ever witnessed a total eclipse remembers the disturbing and yet fascinating moment that precedes the darkness: animals fall silent and cease all movement, everything seems halted, hanging fire. Laura Henno’s photographs trigger the same kind of feeling: the impression that time has been suspended, frozen; and that during this intervening period, human beings […]

Marilyn Minter, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


In 1969, the photographer Diane Arbus visited a class at the University of Florida in Gainesville and, as a guest instructor, led a critique of the students’ artwork. Marilyn Minter, an undergraduate at the time, was not enrolled in the class, but her professor encouraged her to bring in her proof sheets. Minter did not […]

Agnieszka Brzezanska, Crystalline Darkness


As if feigning a private platonic cave on a wall, Agnieszka Brzezanska has pictured the shadow of her hand holding a crystal. The different hues, shades and reflections produced on the wall and their slightly monstrous appearance, are in fact what historian Victor I. Stoichita describes as an “allegory of photography”, a meditation on its […]

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Land mark / Foot prints


The photography project Land Mark (Foot Prints) is an extension of a series of actions that took place in Vieques, Puerto Rico in 2001-2002. We worked in collaboration with various activist groups involved with protest actions in the disputed U.S. Navy bomb testing range. Initially our project consisted of designing custom-made soles that were added […]

Performers Gao Brothers in Arles


Four guest artist-performers at the Rencontres d’Arles It’s not easy to talk about experimental contemporary art in China without taking into account the performance art which – in a way that has no equivalent, except maybe in certain Eastern European countries and Japan – has left its stamp on the entire creative scene. Numerous visual […]

Jeff Wall / Mark Lewis, Looking


Jeff Wall is no maker of snapshots. His way of working makes use of a dilated form of time. His pictures are slowly and meticulously being constructed into works that can be seen both as references to classical figurative painting and as photograms from a film whose director, as sometimes happens, places enormous emphasis on […]

Contemporary photographs: the fondation HSBC pour la photographie laureates


DOCUMENTING THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD The different visions of the twenty or so photographers presented here have all paused or a moment at the same crossroads: the photography Foundation established in 1995 by the CCF which subsequently became HSBC. Having been the first artistic advisor to the Foundation, and involved in the publication by Actes Sud […]

JR, 28 millimeters, Portrait of a generation // Face2Face


Putting together an internally consistent program means excluding exhibitions one would have liked to present. This time round the exception is JR. A totally unofficial photographer who shows on the walls of our cities and has an incredible capacity to relate to “tricky” subjects, he points up the paradoxes of our society and gets his […]

Tuomo Manninen, Rencontres d’Arles 2007


Tuomo Manninen has been making group portraits since 1995. The images captured with his camera are a cross between documentary photography and dramatisation, he has his subjects posing in perfectly structured compositions to share the awareness that they are perpetuating a moment. The persons Manninen photographs are aware of the act of being photographed and […]

Jean-Luc Parant, The meaning of the eyes


Man began photographing the world when his sight became separated from his other senses, when he was able to touch with his eyes things he could not otherwise touch, when he could hear and feel with them things he could not hear or feel, when his eyes opened never to close again and when they […]

Huang Rui’s performance in Arles


Huang Rui / The No BookHuang Rui (b. 1952) has been working in the field for twenty years. He sees performance not as a separate or occasional aspect of his artistic trajectory, but as a language as valid as painting, photography and installation. His overtly aesthetic, minimalist pieces are the fruit of an elaborate conceptual […]

Anders Petersen, À propos de Gap et de Saint-Etienne


 “It was pretty much a matter of chance that I learned that Anders Petersen, the great Swedish photographer, had worked on the cities of Gap and St Etienne. What’s great is to see that he’s kept the feel that was so characteristic of his early work on the Cafe Lehmitz in Hamburg, a remarkable example […]

Joan Fontcuberta, Miracles & Co


The story so far: In a remote corner of darkest Finland investigative reporter Joan Fontcuberta infiltrates a doctrinally slippery religious community hidden in a maze of lakes and wooded islets. Our man with a camera then sets about digging into the history of the monastery at Valhamönde, which for maybe a thousand years has been […]

Clicks and classes 2006


From kindergarten to secondary school our personal and educational lives are punctuated by class photos, those reminders of our intimate histories and our place in the community. Taken in black and white or colour, in classroom or schoolyard, they are also part of the school’s collective memory. There is nothing more rigidly unnatural – more […]

Lorenzo Castore, Paradiso


European Photography Publishing Prize 2005 The young Italian photographer Lorenzo Castore belongs to that rising generation with a solid grounding in the history of art and photography and an awareness that “technical” choices have significant consequences in terms of what an artist is trying to say. Thus his recent decision to work in black and […]

Paolo Ventura, Scenes of War


The imprint of war remains indelible even in the memories of those who were neither witnesses nor victims. Now thirty-eight, Paolo Ventura grew up surrounded by narratives and memories of the Italy of 1940–45 as recounted by his grandparents in the family house in Tuscany. His imaginary life was fuelled by these fragments of a […]

Béatrice Helg, À la lumière de l’ombre


A la lumière de l’ombre is the first-ever monograph devoted to Swiss artist Béatrice Helg. The book features the high points of an internationally recognised and celebrated œuvre which is presented in the form of photographs with abstract themes, which probe reality and illusion in a captivating study of form and colour. In orthodox religion, […]

Sarah Moon, Le Fil Rouge (“Over and Over Again”)


A tale by Sarah Moon, based on Bluebeard by Charles Perrault In 2006 the Méjan Association in Arles is continuing its presentation of Sarah Moon’s work on Perrault’s tales. Le fil Rouge, a free adaptation of Bluebeard, comprises a film, an exhibition and a book. “It’s by mixing video and photos, film and digital, still […]

Bruno Serralongue and Philippe Durand, Contrepoint 2


The principle of the event two years ago, i.e. invite a former student of the school who in turn invites another photographer, has been repeated for the 2006 summer exhibition at the Galerie Arena. This event, part of the Rencontres d’Arles, takes account in its own way of Raymond Depardon’s artistic direction.Bruno Serralongue works on […]

Marina Gadonneix, Televisions


THE HSBC PHOTOGRAPHY FOUNDATION AWARD WINNERS FOR 2006 The HSBC Photography Foundation is presenting in Arles the initial exhibitions by its two 2006 award winners.Marina Gadonneix’s work belongs, as she said, to the realm of “observation of the everyday world in its construction and layout, making the familiar world in which we live a place […]

Advertising photography in France


The history of advertising photography is characterised by its close ties, at least at the beginning, with that of printing techniques. In the late 19th century artists like Léopold Reutlünger were trying, with varying degrees of success, to introduce photography into posters – cabaret posters in particular. But it was not until the coming of […]

Clark & Pougnaud, Solitude


THE HSBC PHOTOGRAPHY FOUNDATION AWARD WINNERS FOR 2006 The HSBC Photography Foundation is presenting in Arles the initial exhibitions by its two 2006 award winners. Solitude, a very perilous theme in traditional photography, can deliver the most extraordinary effects in the hands of an artist capable of approaching it with humour or with a critical […]

Josef Koudelka, Camargue


The Camargue has long been one of those mysterious, spellbinding places whose borderland quality draws artists – painters, photographers and others – to its endlessly renewed sources of inspiration.It is hardly surprising, then, that Josef Koudelka – master of the panoramic, virtuoso of black and white – should have felt the urge to capture, in […]

Monuments and Landscapes, Rencontres d’Arles 2006


As part of its public awareness campaign, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Heritage Agency has commissioned four internationally known photographers to produce a work under the umbrella title “Monuments and Landscapes”. Each photographer has been entrusted with a specific itinerary or theme. The resultant images will be brought together in an exhibition at the 2006 Rencontres […]

Olaf Breuning in Arles


Proposed by Marc-Olivier Wahler for the 2006 No Limit Award. Ghostly, endlessly wandering figures, Olaf Breuning’s characters glide across the visible, immune to all interpretation. Worthy savages or silicon dolls, they pretend to entertain us the better to remind us of our pitiful status as tourists.Olaf Breuning enjoys travelling, never hesitating to set off with, […]

Geert Goiris in Arles


Proposed by Marc-Olivier Wahler for the 2006 Outreach Award. I sometimes find myself in cultures very different from mine, where languages are spoken that I don’t understand at all. Then I have to retort to non-verbal communication. Through this I have realised that though in essence we’re  all very different individuals, some things can be […]

Janine Gordon / Stunts, Stunts and Having Fun??


Proposed by Marc-Olivier Wahler for the 2006 Discovery Award.The presentation of  Stunts, Stunts and Having Fun cirucumvents the notions of risk taking and thrill seeking in various subcultural factions in society. From the ecstatic desire which inspires people to throw themselves in passioned rages of Mosh Pits to the pseudo sexual motorcycle stunt fascination, to […]

Claudia Fährenkemper, Photomicrographs – images of a no limit dimension


Proposed by Vincent Lavoie for the 2006 No Limit Award. Image generating technology provides a new visual experience of worlds, not accessible to the human eye. It also reflects the increasing technical and scientific impact on our lives and on nature itself. My images from the microcosm are taken by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Instead […]

Wang Qingsong, « Glorious Life »


Proposed by Vincent Lavoie for the 2006 Outreach Award. The buzzword in China nowadays is « One change a year, one big change in three years, and one unidentifiable transformation in five years ». Such a slogan reflects the excitement of Chinese people of all walks of life about rapid social changes. Each one is stimulated with […]

Isabelle Hayeur, Territoires invisibles


Proposed by Vincent Lavoie for the 2006 Discovery Award.Since the late 1990s I have been probing the territories I traverse to try to understand how today’s societies engage with and shape their environments. I am particularly interested in the environmental question and by what is going to become of places and cultures in the age […]

Randa Mirza, Edifice de la mémoire (Abandoned Rooms)


Proposed by Abdoulaye Konaté for the 2006 No Limit Award. Abandoned Rooms is a series about dilapidated lives. Stuck between the reality of the changeover and its unspeakable disappearance. They speak of the past in the present, of presence in absence, of death and survival, of what is forgotten and what lingers, of what rots […]

Fatima Mazmouz, Histoire de femmes


Proposed by Abdoulaye Konaté for the Outreach Award 2006. This series of photos is titled WOMEN’S STORY. It relates an adventure experienced by dolls pinned up like dirty washing, undressed, stripped naked, herded together, tortured, decapitated… This suffering, this agony, these evils: do they exist in our everyday life or are they invented and then […]

Eleni Bakopoulos, Minotaure


Proposed by Abdoulaye Konaté for the 2006 Discovery Award.The life and status of contemporary women is a constant preoccupation for Eleni.  This concern is married to Eleni’s fascination with the interplay of photography, film and painting. Her position as both artist and subject in her work, as well as her broad knowledge of art history, […]

Tom Hunter, Vivre en enfer et autres histoires


Proposé par Alain D’Hooghe pour le Prix No Limit 2006.‘Great is journalism. Is not every able editor a ruler of the world, being the persuader of it?’ – Thomas Carlyle   Bad news sells newspapers.” The Hackney Gazette, self-appointed mouthpiece of the East London borough where Tom Hunter lives and works, is not a free newspaper. As […]

Ricky Dávila, Manila


Proposed by Alain D’Hooghe for the outreach Award 2006. The MANILA project is the result of five trips that its author, Ricky Dávila, made to the capital of the Philippines, one of Asia’s most populous cities. The idea behind this approach was to compose a sort of documentary essay in which urban chaos, beauty contests, the […]

Carla van de Puttelaar, Galatea


Proposed by Alain D’Hooghe for the 2006 Discovery Award.Born in Zaandam, Holland, in 1967, Carla van de Puttelaar ranks among her country’s best-known photographers both at home and abroad, attracting considerable interest in France, Belgium, Spain and the United States. Since graduating from the prestigious Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, this artist has focused largely on the […]

Thomas Mailaender in Arles


Proposed by Yto Barrada for the 2006 No Limit Award. People getting their 15 minutes of fame. Half-hidden behind the cumbersome object of their pride, they pose. An octogenarian woman in black tights, flowery dress and fur coat, sitting on the edge of the bed with its pastel patterned cover, holding in both hands a […]

Maxence Rifflet et Gil Gonzalez-Foerster / Chengdu, Hiver 2006


Proposed by Yto Barrada for the 2006 Outreach Award. Far from the huge cities in eastern China that receive Western media coverage, Chengdu is undergoing major urban and human upheaval. The capital of Szechuan (population: 10 million) is sprawling ever wider, relentlessly eating into the fertile countryside around it and drawing in peasants no longer […]

Alessandra Sanguinetti, The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams


Proposed by Yto Barrada fir the 2006 Discovery Award. In the farmlands near Buenos Aires,  Argentina, Alessandra Sanguinetti produced a series of photographs entitled On the Sixth Day that centered on the symbiotic relationship between the farmers, their animals, and the land. While working on this series she first met Guille and Belinda whose families […]

Marion Poussier, {One summer}


Marion Poussier is one of those “society watchers” we find among photographers. Reading back over her memory she involves us in the complex world of the adolescent. Disturbed by the changes taking place in their bodies, teenagers observe each other in all their secrets and fibs. The desire that seizes and drives them is sometimes […]

Franck Gérard, As Is


The making of images turns us into observers, and my initial attempt to reveal the world is a work called En l’état (“As Is”). En l’état is an ongoing work, begun on 13 July 1999 and now made up of thousands of images that try, little by little, to reconstruct a state, a manner of […]

Vincent Debanne, Station


“There’s an emerging form of photography here, a new aspect full of virtuosity and creativity.” Raymond Depardon Station Station combines the idea of suburbia as the face of the future1 with the idea of the “world landscape” (Weltlandschaft) of Renaissance paintings: an allegorical, reinvented space which is viewed here through the prisms of activity, impermanence, […]

Gilles Leimdorfer, What’s left…?


“He went down the Nationale 7 for a reportage I find interesting: working on light in colour. He’s got a good sense of framing and a real freedom of approach. At last a young photographer looking at France – and in colour, what’s more! “ Raymond Depardon What’s left…? I’d had enough of the beret, […]

Lise Sarfati, The New Life


“I met her for the first time at the Berlin Wall in 1989. She’s someone I really admire, she’s very talented and she did that remarkable work on teenagers; that’s her world and she does it so well. She’s demanding, she knows what she wants and she’s one of the great contemporary photographers.” Raymond Depardon […]

Sébastien Calvet, Agenda*


“I think there’s a real point to showing how politicians of both sexes are photographed in this pre-election period. And to do it, I chose Sébastien Calvet, a talented young photographer who works at Libération and seems to me representative of the new generation of political photographers in France. I like his sense of framing. […]

Raphaël Dallaporta, Domestic slavery


Date: 2002-2006This piece of work is a photographic documentary to raise awareness of the problem of modern-day slavery. Produced in collaboration with the Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne (CCEM), it aims to report on the existence of the problem in France. Texts by Ondine Millot relate the experience of women of foreign origin who have come […]

Jean-Christophe Béchet, Urban Policies: there are some towns…


Brassaï: “In the long run, what gives the past its charm is the reality of the most everyday things. We, _modern’ and so vain about it, will one day be old classics, and the new surroundings we live in will also seem like a daydream setting… Photographers of 1933, you are working for the year two […]

Cyrus Cornut / Chine, Cities are like oceans


The photographs presented here are an extract from my first personal project, carried out in China in 2005. Wandering the country’s major cities, I sought only a subjective urban vision that would reflect my architect’s eye. What is shown is the place of the human being in cities steadily becoming more chaotic, where the slow […]

Laurent Gueneau, Question de nature


Question de nature is a collection of photographs I took in 2005 in Paris and during a residency in Guangzhou, China. They primarily derive from an emotion, and map me as a series of clues. These photographs, poised between the reflection of an inner landscape and an outer reality, make present and give sensory form […]

Stéphane Lagoutte, Mauritania – Black Light


I crisscrossed Mauritania on its roads and tracks, in its bush taxis and trains, in an attempt to get close to the way people really lived. And thus I discovered Africa for the first time: its harshness, the pitiless sun sometimes obscured by sandstorms, and its suffering. When independence came, the country embodied the utopian […]

Gilles Coulon, “Grins”


In Africa the community spirit is not just a myth, even if its virtues are sometimes overestimated. In Bamako, Mali, the Grin is an omnipresent illustration, with men, women and children getting together regularly to chat in courtyards, on corners or beside a street stall. The Grin is the essence of relaxation: human, informal and […]

Olivier Culmann, TV Viewers


TV viewers continues with the idea of better understanding the world we live in, and with narrating it through the perceptions of humans themselves. It is a photographic work on television viewers’ attitudes, and on the space they give television in their privacy. To carry out this project, I decided to split my work into […]

Meyer / Light, my brother


Travelling digital cinema in West Africa “Almost never shown in Africa itself, African cinema either slumbers in Europe’s cinematheques or decorates international festivals.” Such is the saddening conclusion of Professor Samba Gadjigo in L’Afrique et le centenaire du cinéma. Since 2001 the CNA – Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (“Travelling Digital Cinema”) – has been trekking the […]

Olivier Jobard / “The Hard Way, The Only Way”, Travel diary of an illegal immigrant


“He belongs to the new generation of photoreporters, taking risks, working fast, spending time at grass roots level, down to earth, attentive, patient and courageous. Behind the scoop are the energy and strength of a good photographer. Keep an eye out for him.”Raymond Depardon “The Hard Way, The Only Way” Travel diary of an illegal […]

Julien Chapsal, Harkis for life?


“I was really surprised to see such determination brought to a subject like this: the Harkis in the South of France, and the camp at Rivesaltes. A tough subject. But he’s got a really new approach. He doesn’t stop to take photographs, he decides on a format, and he gets his groundwork right. He’s attentive […]

Malik Nejmi, El Maghreb


“Malik Nejmi is a miracle among photographers: his approach, framing, technique, distance – everything’s faultless. A great subject, the right spirit, competence, talent, a clear gift for empathy and a concern with good groundwork. And he brings all that to something that’s really a core issue in our shared culture. It’s great news that he […]

Philippe Chancel in Arles


“A wonderful discovery. Straight off his pictures of North Korea are chilling, terrifying. It’s not often that a photographer has given us this kind of vision of a totalitarian state, with the sheer disproportion showing through most of all in the scenes of everyday life. It makes you wonder just how far an photographer can […]

Paul Graham, La Nuit américaine


“He’s one of the top representatives of English social photography. He can photograph a Social Security office somewhere near Birmingham, or a perfectly ordinary intersection, and we’re riveted”. Raymond Depardon American Night Paul Graham’s photographs touch upon the social fracture of America – the great divide – between included and excluded, white and black, have […]

David Goldblatt à Arles


“I’d been wanting to see his photos for a long time, and his work on his home country is remarkable. I really do admire this African photographer. South Africa has been through the throes of apartheid and is now slowly emerging from its “Middle Ages”. I’m just back from Johannesburg, and the country fascinates me. […]

Jean-Marc Durou, I want to scream !


“I really wanted him a fellow travellers, even if I met him late, only ten years ago. I found him fascinating. Unlike me, he discovered Africa first and photography afterwards. He’s someone who loves human beings in general and nomads in particular, and was great friends with Théodore Monod. He’s curious and caring, not just […]

Claudine Doury, Beyond the Steppes


“I met her when she was a young photographer in New York. Her success wasn’t a matter of chance: she really knows photography and she found her niche, getting close to people with a very human approach allied to enormous visual strength. I’m really pleased to be able to show her work on Central Asia. […]

Roman Cieslewicz in Arles


Chile, in 1971, was where I first heard about Roman Cieslewicz. A Pole at the time of the Popular Unity government! The person I was talking to spoke of him with great affection and admiration. It was the era of the first photography magazines, zoom especially. Then women in Paris, young artists and writers, talked […]

Dominique Issermann, Postcards


“This is the kind of photography I really respond to! Dominique Issermann is someone who carries her own world with her and can do fashion just as well as reportage. Her work’s very comprehensive: she creates an incredible atmosphere in black and white – very delicate, very sensitive, very discreet. She understands women and really […]

Susan Meiselas, Recadrer l’Histoire* / Carnival Strippers


“I met her when she joined Magnum, in 1979. She’d already been around a lot, and working in ethnography had given her a sociological approach. For my generation Carnival Strippers was absolutely astonishing. She’s really got guts and I enjoy discussing with her: how to photograph war, what approach to take, what words to use. […]

Jean Gaumy à Arles


“He’s a real fellow traveller. He arrived with his photos from Normandy, where he was born and I found him very touching: he showed me pictures of social housing taken in Le Havre, very simple photos, and I saw straight off that he was authentic, he had incredible potential. We became close friends at once […]

Sophie Ristelhueber, Eleven Blowups


“When I began wondering how to photograph reality, I found a friend, she helped me to get out from my past. We worked together on “San Clemente”, this film about a psychiatric hospital, in Venice. I really respect her career, the way she rejected reportage and became the forerunner of an authentic, uncompromising artistic approach. […]

David Burnett, Politic.s 1973-1977


“My American friend and the most French American photographer! He didn’t know the French reporting style, so I taught him. For me he was a true product of American photojournalism, working fast and very close, with lots of different cameras. I called on him when I was making 1974, Une Partie de Campagne, the film […]

Don McCullin, Africa: In Light and Shadow


“A great photographer: curious, committed, concerned, a war photographer I couldn’t respect more. He has his own aesthetic. He seems to me an exceptional, very important photographer. I would like to personally thank him for showing his photographs together with Gilles Caron’s ones, thanks to our friend, Robert Pledge.” Raymond Depardon “I made a number […]

Gilles Caron & Don McCullin, Chant / Contrechant: 1967-1970


“Gilles was leaving for Cambodia and I accompanied him to Le Bourget airport. That was the last time we saw him. He disappeared, doubtless taken prisoner by the Khmer rouges, but we’ll never know for sure. Gilles was important for me. He was one of the first photographers I met and we had long discussions […]

Guy Le Querrec, The elephant’s eye


“A poet and a clown at the same time! I thought of him straight off. Guy’s a virtuoso. He’s got a Magnum side to him – the decisive moment – plus a strong personality. And the knack of shooting at exactly the right moment: he’s really cultivated that and left the rest of us with […]

Daniel Angeli in Arles


“Angeli’s my longest-standing fellow traveller. I’ve known him since I was seventeen and he was sixteen and we had a shared passion for photography. I was freelancing for the Dalmas agency and he worked in the lab there, developing my films. Some evenings we went to a film in Montparnasse, then to a café where […]

Cornell Capa, JFK for President !


In March 1960, while covering the Wisconsin primary campaign for a Life photo-essay on the nature of American politics, Cornell Capa first encountered Senator John F. Kennedy. Although Capa began the campaign season a staunch Adlai Stevenson supporter, having closely covered Stevenson’s 1952 and 1956 presidential bids, his enthusiasm for the young senator gradually grew […]

Robert Adams, Our Lives and our Children


“One of the great contemporary Americans! He’s got something to say, his texts and interviews are very clear and his commitment is serious. I like his romanticism and his landscapes.” Raymond Depardon Robert Adams uses the allegory of catastrophe as a filter for his work on the decay of America’s landscape. The series Our Lives and […]

American photography via French collections


I don’t recall what year it was when I saw my first Walker Evans photograph, but it was late on – I must have been close to thirty. Once, then twice, each time the same picture: a subdued wooden house, white and grey – the handsome grey you get in large format. Was it in Alabama, […]

Annet Van Der Voort, Metamorphosis


Pictures that depict the invisibleDay after day, throughout the world and in every culture, this secret performance is played out in bathrooms, behind closed doors. A transformation is made from the completely private to the public, from defenceless to fitness to fight, from innocence to professionalism.There is something distinctly feminine about what goes on there, […]

Philippe Lopparelli, Electrotopia


“Electronic music has the capacity to dissolve into sound, to hide behind other noise, to be the indefinable voice of nature or of confused feelings, to be a kind of breathing.”Andrei Tarkovski A pointer to the move from an industrial to a technological society, the music known as “Techno” has been taking shape since 1989 […]

Pentti Sammallahti, Rencontres d’Arles 2005


As Robert Delpire has put it, “Pentti Sammallahti is a man of the north. He can stand neither sun nor heat, but he is perfectly in league with nature, a fascinated predator who sublimates its austerity.”Born in Helsinki in 1950, by age 13 Sammallahti already had a passionate interest in all aspects of photographic technique, […]

Simon Norfolk, Et in Arcadia ego


Nominated by Kathy Ryan for the 2005 Outreach Award.These photographs are part of a larger project attempting to understand how war and the need to fight war has formed our world: how so many of the spaces we occupy; the technologies we use; and the ways we understand ourselves, are created by military conflict.The battlefields […]

Gillian Wearing, Album


Nominated by Ute Eskildsen for the 2005 Outreach Award.Gillian Wearing’s new works are entirely wall based, consisting of a series of self portraits as various members of her immediate family. This began with Self Portrait as my Mother Jean Gregory and continues with images of her brother, father, sister, uncle and herself as a teenager.Based […]

Gareth McConnell, Night Flowers


Nominated by Kathy Ryan for the 2005 Discovery Award.It’s Springtime and it’s dark and the city sleeps. Flowers emerge in strange places and he notices the flowers and then he photographs the flowers. Medium format. Tripod. Extended exposures, no flash. Tungsten-balanced film and available street lighting. And the camera sees the flowers quite differently from […]

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond in Arles


Artist proposed by Marta Gili for the 2006 No Limit Award.“The issue in my pictures is landscape and the way we try to exist in a world of perpetual change. We travel fast, build fast, live fast, linked to the world by a strange bond of speed and illusion. The people in my photographs are […]

Ryan McGinley in Arles


Ryan McGinley takes large-scale colour photographs of his friends, a group that forms part of New York’s Lower East Side youth culture. McGinley, 27, began visiting Manhattan while at high school in New Jersey to spend time with a group of skateboarders. After enrolling at Parsons School of Design, McGinley took up the camera and […]

Michal Heiman, Attacks on Linking


Attacks on Linking (1)In this exhibition Heiman’s ongoing preoccupation with the status of photography as an exploitative medium reaches a culmination of sorts. Heiman deals with photography as something that exists within the power relations of photographer-photographed, in an evil cycle of mutual gazes saturated with blindness, photography that declares itself as having a blind […]

Stage pieces by Jan Fabre as captured by a number of gifted photographers


In 1984 Robert Mapplethorpe photographed The Power of Theatrical Madness, Fabre’s breakthrough work as artist and theatrical creator. Helmut Newton, who died recently, was fascinated by Dance Sections (1987), a trilogy shot through with references to opera and ballet. Carl De Keyzer from Magnum photographed its first two segments, The Glass in the Head is […]

Leandro Berra, “Composite (self) portraits”


“The best way to grow in virtue Is (Apollo said) to know yourself He who knows himself has but one master And, though kingdomless, is truly a king.”Ronsard, 1561 Three years ago Leandro Berra was faxed a document unearthed in Argentina’s state archives: the transcript of the interrogation of one of his schoolfriends, Fernando Brodsky, […]

Arthur Omar, Anthropology of the Glorious Face


Arthur Omar works in all visual fields including photography and cinema.The human face has always been a central concern for the visual arts. It may have disappeared somewhat from painting, but photography has been quick to restore its importance. Arthur Omar concentrates totally on the face, scanning its surface for his subjects’ emotions, for signs […]

Jacqueline Hassink, Arab Queen Bees


Arab Queen Bees is a follow-up to Female Power Stations: Queen Bees, a 1996-1998 project in which I portrayed 15 women who were senior executives of 1997 Global Fortune 500 corporations in the United States, Europe and Japan. These executives contributed to the project by permitting me to photograph their office meeting tables and home […]

Geert Van Kesteren, Why Mister, Why? Irak 2003-2004

EXPO Van Kesteren 2005

Just a week after the war ended in April, 2003, Dutch photojournalist Geert van Kesteren travelled to Baghdad. Assigned by UNICEF, Newsweek and Stern, he would report from Iraq for almost seven months, working as an embedded journalist for seven weeks, a position about which he initially had had strong doubts. But there was no choice. […]

David Tartakover, Local Images


I am a local designer.My relationship with the place where I live is an inseparable part of my work.This relationship is cultural, social and political.In the Eighties I began to initiate, design and produce personal posters dealing with my society and its politics. I relate mainly to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its effect on Israeli […]

Christien Meindertsma, Checked Baggage


1 pair of children’s cutlery, 7 forks, 410 pocket knives, 175 potato knives, 37 corkscrews, 573 Swiss army knives (of which 253 are fake), 211 bottle openers, 45 screwdrivers, 13 letter openers, 121 hair stylists scissors, 106 scissors, 87 nail scissors, 21 pincers, 86 nail files and 237 packets of razorblades, 12 darts, 7 toy […]

The Photo HypeGallery, Rencontres d’Arles 2005


After the HypeGallery scored a huge success at the Palais de Tokyo in November 2004, the Rencontres d’Arles decided to run a mainly photographic version of this ground-breaking concept. It is also open to other forms of image-related creative work, and will feature graphic montages.For this first hanging of works in the Photo HypeGallery, a […]

To restore the mountain, 19th Century Photographs from France’s Water and Forestry Department


When we evoke mountain photos of the 19th century, it is the high altitude landscapes such as those glorified by the Bisson brothers that come to mind. Little known outside the circles of the forestry administration which produced them formerly, there are images which present us another mountain, another context…In the perspective of the reforestation […]

Sarah Moon, Tales


I’ve always loved telling stories. For a long time one of them was about a woman who bore some kind of disfiguring mark, but who for 1/125th of a second became the heroine of a film that in fact would never be made.And even if, in the 70s and 80s, when I was working for […]

Keld Helmer-Petersen in Arles


The history of colour photography is a wonderful conundrum. Although colour photography arrived with the autochrome at the turn of the 19th century, it is often stated that William Eggleston, with his show and book in the late 1970s, actually invented the medium. That is to say, it was at that point accepted as a […]

The collection of W.M. Hunt, “No Eyes”


Selections from the collection Dancing Bear W. M. Hunt, Director of photography at New York’s Ricco/Maresca Gallery, is a passionate collector, whose vision comes through unmistakably. The collection itself – started 30 years ago – reveals the eye of the collector but the contradiction comes from the fact that in all of these photographs, there […]

Barry Frydlender in Arles


The Israeli photographer Barry Frydlender, 50, has found that the closer his doctored images adhere to the documentary aesthetic, the more intriguing they appear. His show last fall at Andrea Meislin Gallery in Chelsea, “The Fourth Dimension” consisted of 14 wall-size panoramas, some as large as 9 feet across, that at first appeared to be […]

David Balicki, Faces of Arles – Portraits of People


They are a gruff lot, they hibernate in winter, they have a keen flair for festivities, they like their friendship to be earned, they are insubordinate, they are proud and yet harbour constant doubts… in short, they have a strong identity and see themselves as hopeless and appealing in equal measure. For its residents, Arles […]

Miguel Rio Branco, Muffled Cries (Gritos Surdos)


It all began in 1999  with an invitation from Tereza Siza, director of the Centre for Portuguese Photography in Porto. She suggested I should create an installation on Power or Justice – I can’t remember exactly – for the opening of restored courtroom in the darkly impressive prison in Porto.Justice? I’d mostly stopped believing in […]

The 20 years of the French National School of Photography


One time or another This exhibition brings together the work of 29 Photographers, some of whom are also Film or Video Makers. All of them, at one time or another over the last twenty years, were students at the National School of Photography in Arles. The aim, as we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the […]

Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Roadside World


Nominated by Michel Mallard for the 2005 No Limit Award. You could call him journalist, artist, traveller or curator – but Kyoichi Tsuzuki is all of these things at once: he is what his subject requires him to be, his professional spectrum rivalled in extent only by his interests. Where we stroll blithely on, Tsuzuki […]

James Mollison, James and Other Apes


James and Other Apes is a collection of 50 close-up portraits of gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and bonobos. The images are powerful and the featured apes – all named, with personal histories – so human-like that the viewer calls into question the dividing-line between ‘man’ and ‘animal’.Photographed in sanctuaries across Africa and Asia, the apes featured […]

Euromediterannée, Claire Chevrier – Brigitte Bauer – Antoine d’Agata and Emmanuel Pinard


Euroméditerranée Marseille is seeking a new relationship between territorial change and contemporary photography by commissioning work of a more interactive, more artistically oriented kind.The big change is under way, running deep and physically affecting such vital symbols as the Port and the motorways. With its new buildings are going up in neighbourhoods where this has […]

Rinko Kawauchi, “Aila & Utatane”


In recent years Rinko Kawauchi has emerged as an important new photographer from Japan. She has had 4 books published with her publishers Little More, but these have not travelled outside of Japan. What is remarkable is at the age of 32 she has one of the most distinctive new voices in contemporary photography. Her images […]

Stephen Gill, Field Studies


Although he is only 33, Stephen Gill is emerging as a major force in British photography. His best work is a hybrid between documentary and conceptual work and for his first international one-person show four new series are shown. It is the repeated exploration of one idea, executed with the precision that makes these series so […]

Martin Parr’s collection, Watches & Trays


I have long been fascinated by the way photography and society interact. We are bombarded with images every day and most of these are on billboards, magazines and even objects. Over the years I have collected various forms of vernacular photography such as postcards, but more recently have expanded this collecting into objects. For this exhibition […]

Keith Arnatt in Arles


Keith Arnatt has made a unique journey from an established conceptual artist to a photographer.  In the early 1970s, his films, installations and photo records were shown at the Tate, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and many other prestigious venues.In 1973 a department of documentary photography was opened by David Hurn at […]

Paul Shambroom, Meetings


Grassroots democracy, with its humble participants and even humbler surroundings, is the theme of photographer Paul Shambroom’s mordant tribute to American meetings. These makeshift bodies, serving populations of a thousand or less, often assemble after hours in school classeurs where the décor consists of state employment notices taped to the wall and Old Glory stuffed […]

Frank Breuer in Arles


Breuer’s photographs are portraits of post-industrial, capitalist society – facades of distribution warehouses and compositions of stacked, brightly-coloured shipping containers. Devoid of human presence and situated in empty, nondescript landscapes, these structures resonate both a sense of displacement and familiarity. Roy Exley, in Art Press, wrote about “Warehouses and logos”: ‘The collision between beauty and irony […]

Collectif Tendance Floue / Magazine Geo


Transeuropean: A Photographic RoadThe Geo Magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary. A first meeting three years ago between the Tendance Floue collective and the Geo magazine team led to ten photographers suggesting the creation of the first TransEuropean. So began the project for a photographic circuit taking in the Europe of 25, the new Europe of 2004. Three years later, […]

Raphaël Dallaporta, Antipersonnel


 Antipersonnel devices: “Mines, etc. employed against individuals…”  Raphaël Dallaporta has photographed antipersonnel mines of all kinds: home-made, crude, sophisticated, special-purpose and even “designer models”. There are, it seems, several hundred types. He has photographed them against a neutral background, as if for an advertising campaign or mail-order catalogue. As if they were pharmaceutical or beauty products, […]

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Retrospective: The Black Man And The Mirrors


 Michelangelo Pistoletto is a representative of Arte Povera, one of the major art currents of the postwar period. In 1962 he created his first Quadri Specchianti – frames that reflect like mirrors – in which the human body is cut into sections and placed on a reflective steel surface. Since then Pistoletto has made the mirror […]

Collectif AES + F, Retrospective


Groupe composed of Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Eugeny Svyatsky + Vladimir Fridkes Exhibition venue: Atelier des Forges, Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2004.

Chris Killip in Arles


Chris Killip arrived in London in 1964, from the rural Isle of Man at the age of 18 with a great interest in photography but with no real photographic experience. At this time Britain was still in the photographic doldrums, there was no independent photography, no photographic galleries and virtually no exhibitions. Killip eventually secured […]

Nest Room, The Room of Joseph Holtzman at the National Design Triennial Parlor


Martin Parr has invited the Design American Magazine in order to honour the remarkable use of photography made by its founder Joseph Holtzman.Joseph Holtzman’s installation at the Cooper-Hewitt’s 2003 National Design Triennial was conceived as both a “real” room and the idea of a room. This is not the representation of a room—the period room, […]

Lucien Clergue at the Rencontres d’Arles 2004


Lucien is a photographer that we all know. He is best known as a photographer of nudes in the Camargue and of the bull fights in Arles. It was thought to be important, as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Rencontres to pay homage to our founder.All photographers have collections, they store old prints, […]

Yvette Troispoux in Arles


How many media can boast of being able to cover their own history? Writing probably, but photography too – thanks to Yvette.For more than thirty years, and with amazing regularity, Yvette Troispoux has been recording our history: since the beginnings of the Rencontres d’Arles, the opening of Agathe Gaillard’s gallery, and the late Roger Doloy’s […]

Trisha Ziff, Korda’s Portrait of Che


Reflections on reappropriating one of the best-known images in the history of photography and an icon of the post-’68 generation.   Evening screening at the Théâtre Antique, Rencontres d’Arles 2004.   Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence

Rencontres d’Arles 2004 Awards


For the first time since the Awards have been established, the work of the nominees candidates will be exhibited at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne to the public. This year’s nominators are only photographers (5 nominators and 4 other members): The nominators:Eikoh Hosoe – Japon Elaine Constantine – UK Tod Papageorge – USA Joan Fontcuberta – Spain […]

Interview with Claude Berri about his collection


SAM STOURDZÉ: I’d like to try and find out something about Claude Berri the collector. Unusually, you were a general collector – painting, sculpture – before getting involved with photography, which is a field where that single specialisation tends to be the rule.  CLAUDE BERRI: For many years I took no interest in photography, feeling that, as […]

Youssef Nabil, For a moment of eternity

Expo Youssef

Born in Egypt in 1972, Youssef Nabil grew up in a Cairo drenched in the cinema of the golden age – the 1950s – of Hollywood on the Nile: a black and white film world of which he nostalgically recalls the glamour, the ease, the elegance and the taste for melodrama. He began to take photos […]

Liu Zheng in Arles


Beijing-based independent photographer Liu Zheng, 37, recently completed an epic seven-year photography project entitled “The Chinese”. Comprised of over 180 black-and-white, gelatin silver square-format prints, the series focuses on the injured, the dead and dying; the handicapped, urban and rural poor, sex and sex industry workers; prisoners; religious worship, wax figures and historic tableaux.Before opting […]

Gao Bo, Duality


When I was a child the dividing line between black and white was very clear.My upbringing began with the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution. At the time an execution was a major affair in the small town where I lived: we would be brought together in a public garden and those who had been […]

Lin TianMiao and Wang GongXin in Arles


Beijing-based husband-wife artist team Lin Tianmiao and Wang Gongxin work separately, on their own independent projects. However, following their successful collaboration last year at the Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai Biennale Urban Creation, (Nov. 22nd 2002 – mid Jan, 2003), on an enormous multi-costume installation using six video monitors, the idea of showing their works together in […]

Eric Larrayadieu, What a Life !


“Reality always outstrips words [and images], always remains an enigma, be it the limitless blue of the sky – there are vast skies in Picardy, stretching over the fields – or the perfectly ordinary, yet incomprehensible slide into injustice. True, words [and images] are also part of reality, but you can play with them, use […]

Tina Barney, The Europeans


This is the first time that Tina Barney’s work from France is exhibited.  Approximately forty large-scale color prints are presented , all images from her series on the Europeans, which has already included Italians, Austrians, and the English.For the past several years, Tina Barney has traveled in Europe, photographing with the same acumen and sensibility […]

Naoya Hatakeyama, Archaeology of the City


This exhibition brings together photographs taken by Naoya Hatakeyama in Japan between 1985 and 2001.In 1985 Hatakeyama began working as a photographer in quarries and cement works, a job that led him to ongoing speculation about the bases and structure of the modern city as typified by Tokyo, where he lives.Here the face-to-face presentation of […]

Roman Opalka, L’œuvre photographique


Hand and flash*Since photography was invented, many artists have created links between hand-produced and photo-chemical work. Roman Opalka’s oeuvre is one example. His photographic self-portraits are not simply intended to complement the ideas inherent in his paintings; rather, they call our attention to the underlying unity of two procedures here made deictically dependent on each […]

Erik Kessels, In Almost Every Picture


15 years of photographs by a husband in love.   Evening screening at the Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2003.   Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence

Harry Gruyaert, Shorelines


Here the horizon becomes the guiding thread for a journey through the photographs of Harry Gruyaert. The journalistic elements of the original assignment have been removed, leaving a series of potent images pervaded by form and colour.This Belgian photographer living in France belongs to a school generally considered American. A European cousin of Sternfeld, Meyerowitz, […]

Chen Lingyang, Twelve Flower Months


Via a mise en scène at once traditional and deliberately provocative, Cheng Lingyang transcends the merely physical by photographing twelve month’s of a woman’s cycle in time with the seasons. This perplexing work repudiates the classical image of woman while poetically laying bare her identity.Here Cheng Lingyang simultaneously demystifies the menstrual cycle and reinstates an […]

Hou Bo & Xu Xiaobing, Mao Zedong’s photographers


Amid all the upheavals that marked the annals of 20th-century China, few destinies can have been stranger than those of Hou Bo and Xu Xiaobing. Their lives were inextricably linked to History with a capital H. For decades these two simple people, now completely forgotten, were witnesses to an epic – the Chinese Revolution – […]

Xing Danwen, Duplication


Modern science has developed so far that cloning has become possible. Genetic and bioengineering have successfully created animals from genes. Some reports claim that the first human has already been cloned. How far can this go? Are the scientific developments positive or negative to us? It leaves me curious, surprised and worried. I find this […]

Shao Yinong & Mu Chen in Arles


Husband-wife artist team Shao Yinong and Mu Chen’s most ambitious photo project to date, Family Register is a monumental 38 meter long, continuous black and white photo portrait of the artists’ living relatives, mounted on a traditional silk Chinese painting hand-scroll of almost one meter in height.  Part performance, part conceptual photography, the aim of […]

Alain Willaume, The other part of ourselves / Where the World Stops


The other part of ourselves  In the dark. They’re looking. At first you can’t seen them clearly, it’s hard to pick them out – and maybe they’re afraid to advance to the edge of the seemingly encircling darkness. Yet that’s where they remain: at the edgeless edge of the light. That was already earlier: in the night […]