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11 August 2015

Barthes is Back / carte blanche Rodolphe Burger

Rodolphe Burger is a musician and singer. In 1986 he founded the band Kat Onoma while simultaneously leading a solo career. He created the C’est dans la vallée festival in Saintes-Marie-les-Mines in 2000 and his own production company, Dernière bande, in 2002. In 2006 and 2007 he led a seminar, “Variations sur la reprise”, at the Strasbourg conservatory featuring talks by Jean-Luc Nancy, Peter Szendy, James Blood Ulmer and Olivier Cadiot.

Rodolphe Burger invites:
Pierre Alferi, poet, novelist and essayist (France)
Patrice Blouin, writer and film critic (France)
Jean-Paul Curnier, philosopher (France)
Massimo Furlan, artist (Switzerland)
Hélène Nancy, philosopher (France)