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Destination Arles 2017


Semaine d’ouverture — Opening week 03/07 > 09/07     Expositions — Exhibitions 03/07 > 24/09

Don McCullin


9 July 2016 Considered one of the late 20th century’s greatest war photographers, Don McCullin took hundreds of emblematic, decisive shots of conflicts in Vietnam, Cyprus, Beirut and Biafra. Echoing the exhibition at the Église Sainte-Anne, this event reminds us that he is quite simply a great photographer and that there is something universal about […]

Lanqing Zhu_Night of the Year 2016


UN VOYAGE DANS LE SENS INVERSE The Jimei x Arles Photography festival was jointly created by the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and the Rencontres d’Arles in 2015. Accompanying the festival, a prize similar to the Discovery Award in Arles was also created: the Jimei x Arles Award, which is granted to outstanding emerging artists. […]

Leslie Moquin_Night of Year 2016


IT IS CALLED KURDISTAN The configuration of Iraq’s Kurdistan has changed since Islamic State fighters reached its borders in 2014. Over a million Iraqi and Syrian displaced persons survive in refugee camps there. They hope and expect to return home, but in the meantime get on with their daily lives.   CARTE BLANCHE ARTE

Niels Ackermann_Night of the Year 2016


L’ANGE BLANC ‘Around here, drugs and alcohol kill more people than radioactivity,’ Kiril says pointing at the grave of his best friend, who died when he fell off a balcony at a party. Slavutych, Ukraine’s newest city, was built from scratch to house Chernobyl’s evacuated nuclear power plant workers after the disaster. It’s a comfortable […]

Festival of Political Photography_Night of the Year 2016


HOMELAND Whose homeland? Why do the words ‘home’ and ‘land’ sound good while ‘homeland’ refers to something restricted, nationalistic, and even prejudiced? A person can leave a place behind either under duress or voluntarily. Relocating and crossing borders can be the fruit of necessity or independence. In both cases, change and distance affect how one […]

Adrian Melis_Night of the Year 2016


THE MAKING OF 40 RECTANGULAR PIECES FOR A FLOOR CONSTRUCTION Due to a shortage of materials necessary to carry out the production process, the workers of a governmental company spend their workday just sitting, doing nothing, waiting for the end of the working hours. Taking advantage of this still, empty time, the artist conceived a […]

Tim Parchikov_Night of the Year 2016


BURNING NEWS How does human consciousness react when the flow of information – the ‘hot news’ is constantly bombarding it – reaching a critical point? With the rise of mass media, news as a phenomenon is becoming an important part of our social existence. ‘Burning news’ has to rouse the consciousness, inflame the heart and […]

Les Jours_Night of the Year 2016


Les Jours promotes a unique, inquisitive, tenacious brand of journalism. Photography is an essential part of it. We produce photographic subjects we are obsessed with, like Simon Lambert’s “The Middle School Years”, Pierre Morel’s COP21 and Emin Özmen’s “Ravaged City of Cizre in Kurdistan”. We located and showed Michel Slomka’s work at the sites of […]

Fisheye_Night of the Year 2016


DÉCOUVERTES Fisheye discovered 10 photographers who take us on unusual adventures, from an American road trip to Irish bonfires, a walk on the borders of Armenia and rave parties or expeditions in Brittany with camouflaged “creatures of nature” warding off evil spirits associated with winter’s coming. Their images never cease to amaze us.   With: […]

Photobook Social Club_Night of the Year 2016


The PhotoBook Social Club brings together 17 independent publishers to promote photography publishing with events in France and abroad. Current members include André Frère Éditions, Arnaud Bizalion éditeur, Aman Iman Publishing/The Eyes, Camera, Contrejour, éditions Clémentine de la Féronnière, Filigranes Editions, Fisheye, La Fabrica, Le Point du Jour, Les Éditions de Juillet, Light Motiv, éditions […]

Festival Circulation(s)_Night of the Year 2016


Circulation(s), a festival dedicated to discovering new talent, offers a glimpse of young artists from across Europe whose new forms of reportage, staged portraits, updated old techniques and animated gifs are exploring, renewing and re-enchanting photography. With : Aglaé Bory / Romain Laurent / Céline Villegas / Yoann Cimier / Vilma Pimenoff / Marcel Meyer […]

Axel Hoedt_Night of the Year 2016


DUSK This series focuses on the figures and masks of pre-Lenten carnival festivities in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Hoedt’s photographs have to be seen in the context of his otherwise mostly editorial work, and whilst putting his sitters into a traditional studio context, he is consciously breaking with the established photographic carnival iconography.

Serge Fruehauf_Night of the Year 2016


EXTRA NORMAL Does an unconscious exist in the field of construction? This question seems to have been the driving force behind Serge Fruehauf’s photographic work, a 20-year investigation that eventually yielded a nonacademic report adhering to all the rules of architectural documentary photography. Guided by his sense of humor—deadpan as it should be—Fruehauf recorded the […]

Tim Parchikov_Night of the Year 2016


TIMES NEW ROMAN EPISODE III: MOSCOW Throughout history, every new political or financial elite felt a need for selfidentification with classic culture. Thus, it demonstrated its legitimacy and accentuated the appropriateness of its inheritance of previous epoch’s establishment. After conquering ancient Greece Romans began the mass production of Greek sculptures which became the examples of […]

Weikun Li_Night of the Year 2016


In France, I was attracted to the powerful visual impact the various shapes, colors, and sizes of the rejected packaging found in garbage cans. Such waste was so impressive, creating an abnormal visual experience. Once deliberately packaged luxuries are consumed, “junk” is produced, and pollution is inevitable.Luxury goods become cheap objects and then, once thrown […]

Dina Kelberman_Night of the Year 2016


I’M GOOGLE I’m Google is a Tumblr blog in which batches of images and video culled from the internet are manually strung together into a long visual stream-of-consciousness. The batches move seamlessly from one subject to the next based on similarities of form, composition, movement, and theme. The site is constantly updated week after week, […]

Katarzyna Mirczak_Night of the Year 2016


SPECIAL SIGNS / TOOLS OF CRIME he Special Signs series (2010) presents photographs of prisoners’ tattoos discovered by Katarzyna Mirczak in the archives of Collegium Medicum Forensic Medicine Department at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Forensic Medicine Department at the Medical University in Wroclaw. The oldest dated artifact comes from 1872. In the Tools […]

Stacey Baker_Night of the Year 2016


NEW YORK LEGS Since Stacey Baker began photographing women’s legs in New York City in 2012, her project has attracted more than 75,000 followers on Instagram. The women are strangers she meets on the street. The images, viewed collectively, reflect the diversity of the female figure as well as the personality of each subject and […]

Óscar Monzón_Night of the Year 2016


ÉXTASIS The images show waterfall landscapes crossed from edge to edge by the selfiestick of tourists – who progressively appear in the sequence- visiting the Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina. The direction of the lines and their various tilted degrees mark the rise and fall of the musical notes through the scale.

Julien Chatelin_Night of the Year 2016


PARISIANITÉS Gala evenings under charitable pretences; sponsored cocktail parties; political meetings, branded sporting events: nowadays, all public happenings are mediatised. Not a single one that isn’t supported by a liquor brand, jeweller, couture house, perfumer or mobile company. The press attaché has become the conductor of modern society life. Let’s hope celebrities turn up, let’s […]

Sylvie Roche et Olivier B._Night of the Year 2016


DIMENSIONAL MAN The dressing ritual is the next-to-last step before the bullfight. It starts with a shower and unfolds in a hotel room near the bullring. The bullfighter is dressed by a sword handler, who will have carefully laid out all his effects on a chair. Usually, there is silence or music, always coming from […]

Andres Serrano_Night of the Year 2016


TORTURE The Torture series is conceived as a reflection on the concept of torture and its evolution down through centuries. Andres Serrano questions the disturbing schizophrenia of our contemporary societies. Although torture is in fact banned by the 1949 Geneva Convention and the United Nations Convention Against Torture, it is still employed by 81 governments. […]

Tassos Vrettos_Night of the Year 2016


WOR(TH)SHIP Wor(th)ship is a unique photographic ‘fieldwork’ on the unknown makeshift places of worship of immigrants and refugees in and around Athens, Greece: basements and rented flats, apartment blocks and garages, playing fields and outdoor public spaces, structures made at hoc in temporary or permanent addresses for groups of Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Spiritualists and Christians […]

Thierry Girard_Night of the Year 2016


THE LAST STATION This project, undertaken in 2010 and 2012 but still unpublished, examines Shanghai’s unlikely limits by considering the city from the last station of each metro line. Each new area is explored during a single journey. Fifteen adventures tell both the same and different 15 stories about a landscape that is made or […]

Anna Bosch Miralpeix_Night of the Year 2016


BUBBLE BEIRUT Lebanese society has lived for years in constant instability. The wars it has suffered, and the ones in neighboring countries, generate a love-hate relationship between the citizens and their own corruptiondriven country. The elites take shelter in luxury and in some idea of the glorious past of the Great Lebanon, in order to […]

Alfred Seiland_Night of the Year 2016


IMPERIUM ROMANUM 2,000 years ago Europe was unified by a political and military superpower, the Roman Empire – in the year 2006 A.D. Alfred Seiland starts working on his project Imperium Romanum. He studies the visible remains of Roman culture, architecture and art in our 21st century, starting in Rome, then Italy and soon after […]

Jean-Charles Blanc_Night of the Year 2016


SUR LA ROUTE In 2004, I went back to Afghanistan after 25 years of war. Admiring the Afghans’ resilience and seeing that little had changed outside of Kabul, I reopened my files to show a different image of the country where I lived in 1971-72, travelling around the countryside and sharing the lives of welcoming, […]

Benjamin Deroche_Night of the Year 2016


NORTH PLACES ‘The first time I went to Trouville was in 2010. I’d read The Lover and was looking for somewhere to shoot a series based on Marguerite Duras’s novels. All the photographs presented here were taken during my trips around the Roches Noires in Trouville. Reading Duras allowed me to draw a veil over […]

Safia Belmenouar_Night of the Year 2016


HONEYMOON They travelled between 1 and 8 May 1936. The bride’s name was Marie. Her husband, a meticulous man, numbered and captioned photographs of the trip by hand: around 50 in all. Their itinerary is easy to follow: entering Algeria from Tunisia, they visited Constantine, Algiers and the Chiffa Gorges before crossing the Mediterranean to […]

Stéphanie Solinas_Night of the Year 2016


DOMINIQUE LAMBERT Dominique is France’s most common mixed-gender and 27th most popular first name; Lambert also ranks 27th amongst family names. I therefore defined the 191 Dominique Lamberts listed in France’s White Pages as my study population.’ Stéphanie Solinas uses various official techniques of representing identity. She consults with experts, works her way through successive […]

Bego Anton_Night of the Year 2016


EVERYBODY LIKES TO CHACHACHA This is the story of women and men who dance with their dogs, and of dogs who dance with their humans. ‘Musical Canine Freestyle’ is a choreographed performance in which a dog and a human move to music together. Sometimes, the bond between them is so strong that they enter what […]

The Eyes_Night of the Year 2016


QUESTION(S) DE TERRITOIRES The Eyes is an augmented reality photography magazine about politics and culture in Europe. In each issue, artists, intellectuals and political figures explore European identities through the prism of photography. After a call for proposals about the idea of territories, the 2016 Night of the Year is projecting the 10 portfolios selected […]

Patrick Bard_Night of the Year 2016


MON NEVEU JEANNE Photographer and writer Patrick Bard doesn’t know why he started photographing his 16-year-old nephew Jean-Pierre in 1983. Jean-Pierre later became a lorry driver in Sarcelles, married young and had two children. When his relationship to gender started changing in the mid-1990s, Mr. Bard continued taking pictures of him. Or rather her: Jean-Pierre […]

Andres Serrano


8 July 2016, Théâtre Antique A major artist, Andres Serrano immerses us into his provocative, often misunderstood work, which notably includes Piss Christ, one of his most controversial pieces. His photographs can be found in many public collections and have been exhibited by some of the world’s most renowned institutions.

Valérie Belin


WORKS 8 July 2016 French photographer Valérie Belin was announced as the winner of Disorder, the sixth cycle of the Prix Pictet, at the last November. Valérie Belin will discuss her work, exploring her fascination with artifice and the significance of appearance in her often unnerving, surreal images. She will chart the development of the […]

Hot war, cold war


With Alexandre Guirkinger with Yan Morvan. Conversation led by  Damien Sausset.

Grand Arles Express

Grand Arles Express 2016

AVIGNON, COLLECTION LAMBERT ANDRES SERRANO TORTURE A reflection on the history of torture that highlights society’s unsettling schizophrenia.   NÎMES, CARRÉ D’ART STÉPHANIE SOLINAS DOMINIQUE LAMBERT Stéphanie Solinas questions official representations of identity.   MARSEILLE, VILLA MÉDITERRANÉE ALFRED SEILAND IMPERIUM ROMANUM A study of the remaining traces of Roman heritage still visible in the 21st […]

Associated Programme

Programme associé 2016

Arles places and institutions that promote photography and participate in the festival’s programme.   MÉJAN ASSIOCIATION KAZUO OHNO BY EIKOH HOSOE AND WILLIAM KLEIN PAS DE DEUX The two photographers and Kazuo Ohno, cofounder of the Japanese dance form butō, question the performative dimension of the photographic act.   MÉJAN ASSOCIATION HANS SILVESTER THE BENCH Silvester reveals the […]


Émergences 2016

The festival is a trailblazer; it seeks out tomorrow’s talents.   OLYMPUS ENGAGES IN A PHOTOGRAPHIC CONVERSATION AN EXCHANGE OF VIEWS OLIVIER CULMANN/PAULINE ROUSSEAU CORINNE MERCADIER/BARNABÉ MOINARD KLAVDIJ SLUBAN/FLORIAN MAURER A conversation between three great contemporary photographers and three ENSP students.   AN UNUSUAL ATTENTION GUILLAUME DELLEUSE/VINCENT MARCQ/CLÉMENTINE ROCHE Three ENSP graduates from the class of […]

Outside the Frame

Hors-Cadre 2016

Photography leaves its frame and invades the space.   MAURIZION CATTELAN & PIERPAOLO FERRARI TOILETPAPER Toiletpaper perverts the codes of media iconography, borrowing from fashion, advertising, and cinema.   AUGUSTIN REBETEZ THE CARDBOARD MUSEUM A large outdoor installation where people visit a museum as though they were riding a ghost train.


Singulier ! 2016

QUIRKY COLLECTIONS Some passionate, free-spirited collectors look for unusual items, exploring the question of the vernacular.   SINCERELY QUEER SÉBASTIEN LIFSHITZ COLLECTION 1920s American feminists wearing men’s clothes, cabarets and ordinary transvestites: the history of cross-dressing through the scope of amateur photography.   LADY LIBERTY THE PHOTOGRAPHIC MAKING OF AN ICON The Statue of Liberty’s […]


Relecture 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT The history of photography through the lens of re-appropriations, errors or accidents.   FABULOUS FAILURES THE ART OF EMBRACING SERENDIPITY AND MISTAKES Or, how errors become a source of inspiration, a poetic and photographic springboard.   WHERE THE OTHER RESTS AWAKENING FORGOTTEN IMAGES Can images belonging to others be given […]

I Am writing to you from a far-off country

Pays lointain 2016

Spotlight on a part of the world, like a photographic correspondence.   PJ HARVEY & SEAMUS MURPHY THE HOLLOW OF THE HAND Kosovo, Afghanistan, Washington: A chronicle of the contemporary recounted through PJ Harvey’s poetry and Seamus Murphy’s photographs.   YANN GROSS THE JUNGLE SHOW Yann Gross went up the Amazon River and explored its mysterious […]

After War

Après la guerre 2016

What is there left to see on a battlefield long after the fighting comes to an end? How have artists addressed the September 11? What does a renowed war photographer do when not photographing war?   YAN MORVAN BATTLEFIELDS Yan Morvan travelled the world obsessively photographing battlefields, accurately recording the topographical details of land on which men […]

Platforms of the visible

Plateformes du visible 2016

NEW APPROACHES TO DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY Investigation as a photographic topic and the photographer as a detective.   LAIA ABRIL A HISTORY OF MISOGYNY, CHAPTER ONE: ON ABORTION Abril investigates the ethical issues, stigmata and taboos still associated with arboration.   PIERO MARTINELLO RADICALIA Martinello sets out in search of ravers, criminals, religious fanatics and others […]

Africa Pop

Africa Pop

Talented photographers and curators zoom in on an unsuspected, funny, surprising pop Africa.   Maud Sulter Syrcas The artist, who died in 2008, conflates African and European cultures in surprising photomontages.   Swinging Bamako The fabulous story of Las Maravillas de Mali In the 1960s, Mali’s government sent seven young men to Cuba to continue […]

Monsters & Co.

monstres 2016

From cinema to Japanese folklore and Roswell’s extraterrestrials, monsters embody our fears.   Scary Monsters! A brief history of monsters in film Whether they fill the whole shot or lurk outside it, movie monsters symbolise our fears. This exhibition rewinds the film, freezes the frame and takes a look back at what keeps us up at […]

Western Stories

western 2016

Westerns, with their frontier tales, rugged scenery and wide-open spaces, were also shot in the Camargue. Camarguais Western In 1907, Joe Hamman and Jean Durand decided to film westerns in the Camargue. A Hanging in Jefferson City (1910), The Burning Prairie (1911) and A Hundred Dollars Dead or Alive (1910) established the genre and marked […]


street 2016

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY REVISITED The street and city as playground. Photographers have always practiced street photography, which has witnessed a renewal in recent years. Sid Grossman From Document to revelation. His photographs and legacy Sid Grossman, an influential Photo League figure, was active after the war and blacklisted for his ‘un-American’ activities. This show takes a […]

Discovery Award 2016

prix decouverte 2016

Supported by the LUMA Foundation since 2002, this is the Rencontres d’Arles’ top prize. The idea is simple: five preeminent figures from the art world each nominate two artists. Gender parity has been the rule since 2015. We stage an exhibition for all of the nominees and a jury of professionals votes to choose a […]

The Night of the Year 2015


9 July 2015 Papeteries Étienne, Trinquetaille, Arles. Opening week’s unmissable festive event offers a photographic walk through the festival’s favourite Works by artists and photographers as well as carte blanche exhibitions by institutions. Organised the same night as the Nuit de la Roquette, the 2015 Night of the Year is a long walk through the […]

MMM / Matthieu Chedid meets Martin Parr


9 July 2015, Théâtre Antique. Extending the MMM exhibition born of the encounter between the worlds of Martin Parr and Matthieu Chedid, the two artists pursue their dialogue on stage and in music…

In the Land of The Head Hunters, film by Edward S. Curtis, 1914, Cinema-concert by Rodolphe Burger


11 July 2015, Théâtre Antique This recently restored work, bordering on anthropological documentary, is a Native American version of Romeo and Juliet: Motana falls in love with the daughter of a rival tribe’s chief, but she is betrothed to a wicked sorcerer. Curtis goal was to lay low the stereotypes of Native Americans perpetuated by […]

A Brief History of the Future


Jacques Attali & Yaron Herman 10 July 2015, Théâtre Antique Jacques Attali gives an unprecedented performed lecture based on his essay Une brève histoire de l’avenir (“A Brief History of the Future”), accompanied with a selection of films extracts and with musician Yaron Herman, to create a dialogue bringing us on a journey through time, […]

Discovery Award 2015


8 July 2015, Théâtre Antique   Presentation of the 10 nominated artists by their nominators: Krzysztof Candrowicz presents Anna Orlowska and Shilo Group ; Louise Clements presents Lisa Barnard and Robert Zhao Renhui ; Fannie Escoulen presents Pauline Fargue and Julián Barón ; Claire Jacquet presents Delphine Chanet and Omar Victor Diop ; Francesco Zanot […]

Dark Tourism : The fascination of disaster


Round table moderated by Damien Sausset, with photographer Ambroise Tézenas, J.John Lennon, professor of tourism ans director of the Moffat Center of Caledonian University in Glasgow, and philosopher Jean-Paul Curnier.

Olympus Photographic conversation-Sharing view and experiences


Each year, Olympus asks three great names in contemporary photography to engage a conversation with three young graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles. With Denis Darzacq ans Swen Renault, Dorothée Smith and Rebecca Topakian, and Paolo Woods and Elsa Leydier. Lead by Natacha Wolinski.

When Album Covers Become Works of Art


Round table moderated by Damien Sausset with curators Antoine de Beaupré and Serge Vincendet, journalist Jacques Denis and Mosaic Records co-founder Michael Cuscuna.

MICHAEL ROY_Night of the Year 2015


/REMENBER/ JE ME SOUVIENS Proposal by galerie Alain Gutharc The video I Remember/Je me souviens is a contemporary adaptation of the works I Remember by Joe Brainard (1970) and Je me souviens by Georges Perec (1978). These two texts echo each other through this film‐slideshow created from images generated automatically by internet search engines. This […]

DAVID FATHI_Night of the Year 2015


ANECDOTAL This series takes as its point of departure the little‐known stories and anecdotes surrounding nuclear test programmes: government ministers contaminated, bombs lost and never recovered, the invention of the bikini, chickens vaporised, and more. Combining archival photos, satellite images, and photographic road trip, i have tried to recontextualise a history poised between horror and […]



CRIMES SCENES Exploiting to the full photography’s ability to put reality in question, Alain Willaume populates apparently banal images with enigmas. after photographing christmas lights and decorations in small rural housing developments, he returns a few weeks later. The residences have returned to a most disturbing normality …

DAVID LEP0LE_Night of the Year 2015


IN:0 OUT:0 In this digital age, photography lives onscreen. If a hard drive crashes, photos disappear into the maze of the machine. Software may help recover them, but some may be damaged, ruined, ‘zombified’ by this resurrection. An aesthetics of error is born. On that basis, David Lep0le presents a reinterpretation of the Rencontres d’Arles […]

JEAN-MARIE DONAT_Night of the Year 2015


WHAT THE FUCK ?! The philosophical hermeneutic of What the Fuck presents itself as an attempt to liberate the question of truth from the narrowness in which the modern concept of method would confine it. To doxthis, it interrogates experiences (art, history, language) whose amplitude cannot be reduced by the primacy of self‐ satisfied consciousness. […]

ALAIN CORNU_Night of the Year 2015


LES SENTINELLES Proposal by Signatures Seven thousand years ago, human beings cut and raised stones in western europe. These stones, venerated as sacred objects, are particularly numerous in Île‐de‐ France and constitute the first traces of our civilisation’s architecture. By photographing them, Alain Cornu sought to highlight these messengers from the past, recovering their sacred […]

THIERRY BOUËT_Night of the Year 2015


AFFAIRES PERSONNELLES ‘Hello sir, I’m calling about your ad on Le Bon Coin concerning the horse‐riding boots. Are they still available?’ ‘Yes, they are. I’ve hardly ever worn them. I got the wrong size. Are you a size 41?’ ‘Well, I’m calling you for a rather special reason. I’m a photographer preparing a show about […]



THE MANGINI STUDIO Proposal by Martin Parr For a period spanning eight years, Gordon Stettinius sporadically visited the Mangini Studio to have his portrait taken. The first of the styled portraits came about as the result of Stettinius’ disquieting need to experiment with the proud but oft‐maligned hairstyle known to some as the permanent wave. […]

ESTER VONPLON_Night of the Year 2015


GLETSCHEFAHRT on a musical creation of Stephan Eicher Vonplon photographed the Swiss glaciers for two years. During the summer months these glaciers are covered by enormous cloth panels to stop the melting process. She also recorded the sound of the purling Gletschermilch (glacial milk).The musician Stephan Eicher then used these recordings to compose an audio‐ […]

VINCENT MUNIER_Night of the Year 2015


SOLITUDES Proposal by Sylvie Hugues Animal shadows, silhouettes moving through the mist, beasts camouflaged in the whiteness of the arctic: Vincent Munier invites our gaze to lose itself in the storm, caress the curve of the peaks, contemplate the infinity of polar ice floes. A concerned photographer, he is committed to sharing with us the […]

BERTRAND STOFLETH_Night of the year 2015


RHODANIE Bertrand Stofleth follows the Rhône for more than 850 kilometres, from its source on the swiss glacier to its delta mouths flowing into the mediterranean. He is particularly interested in showing the identity of the riverside by methodically following the course of the stream and its surroundings. He thus creates a dialogue between the […]

TIM RICHMOND_Night of the Year 2015


LAST BEST HIDING PLACE Places, like people can seem alone, filled with melancholy. Last Best Hiding Place is a contemporary and personal journey through the american west where the locations and characters are specific whilst also remaining totally generic. The evidence of the American dream is there, but dust covered, closed and uncherished.

MANUEL BOUGOT_Night of the Year 2015


CHANDIGARH Proposal by Gilles Valette The idea of a photo trip to chandigarh first occurred to me in the early 1980s, when I was photographing le corbusier’s maisons Jaoul. The impressive architecture of the city had its effect and I decided to deepen my approach to the story of what its inhabitants call ‘The City […]

MAXI COHEN_Night of the Year 2015


LADIES ROOMS AROUND THE WORLD As i grew up, bathrooms were my favorite hiding place and the one sanctuary of solitude. In 1978, to escape a boring awards dinner in a hotel ballroom, i retreated to the ladies room. Enchanted by the octogenarians adjusting their corsets and false eyelashes, i photographed the camaraderie of their […]

GRAEME WILLIAMS_Night of the Year 2015


A CITY REFRACTED Proposal by Janette Danel Helleu Graeme williams has returned his focus to Johannesburg, fifteen years after his first monograph was published. Much has changed since that period, during which the urban area was shifting from a whites‐only, apartheid zone to a vibrant mixed-race precinct. Now, the city is almost exclusively the domain […]

MINZAYAR_Night of the Year 2015


PLACE BE WITH YOU Inaugurated eight years ago in semi‐secret under the military junta, the Yangon Photo Festival (YPF)’s intensive trainings have introduced nearly 400 young burmese throughout the country to documentary photography. Minzayar now works for reuters and this year won first prize at the YPF Awards with an intelligent and moving work on […]

TIM HETHERINGTON_Night of the Year 2015


Taken mostly from the center of political and social conflicts in West Africa and the Middle East, Tim Hetherington’s photographs focus on the experience of war from the perspective of the individual. Yossi Milo Gallery presents a projection of images from Infidel, hetherington’s photographs of American troops with whom the artist was embedded in Afghanistan’s […]

DE L’AIR, 15 ANS DEJA !_Night of the Year 2015


For the fifteenth anniversary of the magazine de l’air, the rencontres d’arles invited us to join in the Night of the year. We were given carte blanche, an invitation we extended to the talented photographer and filmmaker Jean‐François Spricigo. This auteur chose to combine our covers with a selection of his own images. His slideshow […]

OFF THE WALL, CULTURES PHOTO_Night of the Year 2015


A book‐magazine on emerging photography and antique photos. its ambition is to create a photographic dialogue between generations.   INAUGURAL ISSUE Franck Lebreton, Isi Véléris, Lisa Roze, Omar Victor Diop, Jack Dante, Rj Shaughnessy, Evgueny Eokhorev… LITHUANIA, TURKEY, PHOTOJOURNALISM Eliott Landy, Mehmet Kacmaz, Etienne Montès, Yusuf Sevincli, Antanas Sutkus, Patrick Chauvel, Goksin Sipahioglou… EYES ON, […]

ONES TO WATCH_Night of the Year 2015


Ones to Watch is British Journal of Photography’s annual global survey of emerging talent. Introducing 25 photographers who we believe are on the verge of something big in 2015, as chosen by their peers – fellow photographers alongside curators, editors, agents, publishers and festival directors drawn from all five continents.     Calogero Cammalleri Nadine […]



In a context of unprecedented social and economic crisis, a new and singular photographic wind is stirring over Spain. The projection shown at the Night of the year in Arles presents the work of eleven photographers from this movement.   RICARDO CASES EL PORQUÉ DE LAS NARANJAS DAVID HORNILLOS MEDIODILLA VICENTE PAREDES FURTIVOS ARNAU BLANCH […]

.TIFF_Night of the Year 2015


.tiff is a future‐oriented, annual showcase of young belgian talent. FoMu will publish a selection of the very best of the up‐and‐coming image makers of our country. .tiff resolutely opts for quality, challenging content, diversity and originality. It launches photographers who want to break free and push back frontiers. What it presents is a variety […]



The Nuits Photographiques, festival dedicated to photographic films and multimedia works related to the image will celebrate their 5th edition this september in Paris.   FLORIAN DRÉ LES PHOTOGRAPHIES ‘Like photos, this has always fascinated me!’ AUGUSTIN REBETEZ OISEAU When Human, animal, and machine meet. ANNETTE JUNG LEGO THRILLER Michael Jackson’s Thriller, lego style. MICHAEL […]

Natasha Caruana_Night of the year 2015


FAIRYTALE FOR SALE Natasha Caruana presents a reworking of her series Fairytale for Sale. The work explores wedding customs in the UK, revealing the fantasy, performance and trophy moments of the traditional big day. The series consists of collected online images of brides wearing redundant wedding dresses.

CHARLIE, I AM_Nuit de l’Année 2015


On 7 January 2015, around 11:00 am, we heard the news. A shooting had taken place in the Charlie Hebdo offices. One of our journalists was there. We lived through a day of fear and stupor, but also of intense work, as always for Libération when major events are unfolding. We were struck to the heart, […]

Stephen Shore

Capture d’écran 2015-08-13 à 13.30.01

Espace Van Gogh   Stephen Shore is one of the most important and visibly influential photographers of the past three decades. The new approach that defines his contribution to photography and its language has continued to arouse the interest of different generations of artists and he remains a key reference point for young photographers working […]

Barthes is Back / carte blanche Chantal Thomas

Capture d’écran 2015-08-11 à 17.19.04

Chantal Thomas, an author and researcher, has written many essays, including on Sade and Marie-Antoinette. In 2002 she won the Fémina Prize for her novel Les Adieux à la reine (Seuil, 2002), which Benoit Jacquot brought to the screen. Since then, she has written Le Testament d’Olympe (Seuil, 2010) and L’Échange des princesses (Seuil, 2013). […]

Barthes is Back / carte blanche Bernard Comment

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Bernard Comment, an author and publisher, has written many novels and essays, including Roland Barthes, vers le neutre (Christian Bourgois, 1991). His most recent collection of short stories, Tout passe (Christian Bourgois, 2011), won the Goncourt Prize in that genre. He is the director of the Fiction & Cie collection at Seuil and a programme […]

Barthes is Back / carte blanche Rodolphe Burger

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Rodolphe Burger is a musician and singer. In 1986 he founded the band Kat Onoma while simultaneously leading a solo career. He created the C’est dans la vallée festival in Saintes-Marie-les-Mines in 2000 and his own production company, Dernière bande, in 2002. In 2006 and 2007 he led a seminar, “Variations sur la reprise”, at […]

Barthes is Back / carte blanche Hans Ulrich Obrist

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Introduction by Bernard Comment, , an author and publisher, has written many novels and essays, including Roland Barthes, vers le neutre (Christian Bourgois, 1991). His most recent collection of short stories, Tout passe (Christian Bourgois, 2011), won the Goncourt Prize in that genre. He is the director of the Fiction & Cie collection at Seuil […]

Toon Michiels – American Neon Signs by Day and Night

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Église des Trinitaires     In the mid-1970s, Toon Michiels made various journeys to the United States of America, where he undertook a number of road trips in a rented car to, among other plac- es, Reno and Las Vegas. Very quickly, Michiels developed a fascination for the spectacular neon signs that motels and restaurants […]

Walker Evans – Anonymous

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Musée Départemental Arles Antique   Walker Evans (1903‐1975) remains one of the most important and influential photographers in the history of the medium. His career spanned the emergence of the modern mass media in the 1920s to the full acceptance of photography as an art form in the 1960s and 70s. Many of Evans’s individual […]


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Three Series from the Jean-Marie Donat Collection Chapelle de la Charité   The three series presented are from a collection of 10,000 photos compiled over a period of more than 25 years. one of their distinguishing characteristics is the repetition of a detail, which creates a sense of strangeness that questions the source of my […]

Pauline Fargue – Discovery Award 2015

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No Day Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers     How can we inhabit a landscape now that the visible is merely virtual and our bodies are tirelessly excluded? That is the question that haunts my installations (video/sound/sculpture/performance), whereby the spectator expe‐ riences immersion in image. This seeking has its source in an unusual photographic practice. […]

Martin Gusinde – The Spirit of The Tierra Del Fuego People

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Cloître saint-trophime     Between 1918 and 1924, over four journeys, the German missionary Martin Gusinde became the only anthropologist who had been capable of conducting an in‐depth study of the Selk’nam, Yamana, and Kawésqar societies, which were by then already considerably diminished. The 1 200 photographs he brought back with him constitute a unique […]

Las Vegas Studio

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Images From The Archives of Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers   Learning from Las Vegas, a treatise on architectural theory published in 1972, captivates us primarily through its engaging visual discourse developed during Robert Venturi and Denise Scott brown’s 1968 research. For Venturi, Scott Brown, and their collaborator, Steven […]

Souvenirs of the Sphinx, a Short History of Photography

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Collection Wouter Deruytter Musée Départemental Arles Antique       The pyramids overshadowed the sphinx for millennia until drawings, prints and, especially, photographs made it an icon. wouters deruytter’s collection is a history of the photography of this solitary, monumental sculpture. The sphinx sits beneath albumin, collodion or gelatine skies in monochrome hues ranging from […]

Total Records

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The Great Adventure of Album Cover Photography Atelier des Forges, parc des Ateliers   A history of photography through the prism of the vinyl record: both media, which left their mark on the 20th century, were combined in all their forms, from artwork to illustration, figuration to experimentation. The show is based on this diversity […]

Tony Oursler

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Imponderable Atelier des Forges, parc des Ateliers   Imponderable is an extensive research project that investigates the personal collection of American artist Tony Oursler. The project’s title, Imponderable, suggests the idea of something that cannot be determined with accuracy. Eighteenth‐century scientists used the word to describe magnetism, electricity, and other then unquantifiable energies. For Oursler, […]

Ambroise Tézenas- I was Here, Dark Tourism

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Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers   Ambroise Tézenas evokes places marked by tragedy that now have their own guided tours. This phenomenon, known as ‘dark tourism’, is rooted in our fascination with the human capacity for evil, as well as our desire to see the aftermath of horror. Earthquakes, tsunamis, devastated or poverty‐stricken areas are […]

Thierry Bouët – Personal Affairs

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Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers     ‘Hello sir, I’m calling about your ad on Le bon coin concerning the horse‐riding boots. Are they still available?’ ‘yes, they are.’ ‘Great. where are they from?’ ‘An Italian shoemaker.’ ‘Are they new or used?’ ‘I’ve hardly ever worn them. I got the wrong size. Are you a […]

Olivier Cablat – Duck, a Theory of Evolution

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Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers   In 1930, duck farmer Martin Maurer had a duck‐shaped building constructed to house his retail poultry shop in Flanders, a small town on Long Island, New York. In 1972, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour wrote Learning from Las Vegas, in which they examined the concepts of […]


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Matthieu Chedid meets Martin Parr Église des Frères Prêcheurs     A sound and visual experience to revisit Martin Parr’s work, based on an original musical creation bu Matthieu Chedid.     Artistic direction: Matthieu Chedid, Martin Parr, and Sam Stourdzé with the cooperation of Charlotte Ortiz. With support from Sacem. Exhibition co-produced by Labo […]

Vincent Ferrané

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BIENVENUE Commanderie Sainte Luce   In 2014 Vincent Ferrané looked at a city and its shopping centre. He was aware of two spatio‐temporal settings, ambivalent meeting grounds of the past and the present, of human, anthropological, and architectural history. In this constant fluctuation between historical and specific sites (from the château to the city) and […]

Alice Wielinga

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North Korea, a Life Between Propaganda and Reality Église Saint Blaise     April 2013. While the western media dogs Kim Jong‐un’s steps during his missile test launches, I travel 2,500 kilo‐ metres through the North Korean interior. Once arrived, the images I know from my advance research correspond with the scenes my guides proudly […]

Alex Majoli & Paolo Pellegrin

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CONGO Magasin Electrique     A photographer is in a way a painter of light and shadows. sometimes, however, a photographer might play with shadows to bring them to life and show us hidden sides of reality. This is the theme that is instrumented throughout this exhibition, with the congo, my homeland, as its main […]

The LP Company

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The LP Collection, Hidden Treasures of Underground Music Atelier des Forges   The LP Collection exhibition presents a snapshot of Laurent & Patrick (LP) work of documentation and distribution focusing on collection of some 6 000 discs. Drawing upon film and photography as well as text and performance, their project expanded into a series of […]

Natasha Caruana- AT FIRST SIGHT


AT FIRST SIGHT Salle Henri-Comte   Ms. Caruana, winner of the 2014 BMW Residency at the Musée Nicéphore Niépce, is trying to find out the truth about love at first sight. Married just a few days before her Residency started, she draws from her own life, popular myths and research by neuroscientists, biologists and anthropologists. […]

Sandro Miller – Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters


Abbaye de Montmajour     Mostly self‐taught, Sandro learned his craft by studying books published by many of the great artists canonised in photographic history, and is now considered as one of the top advertising photographers worldwide. Sandro first met Malkovich in the late 1990s. More than 16 years later, they are still collaborating, which […]

Another Language


EIGHT JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS This exhibition is comprised of over 200 prints, both vintage and contemporary, which, for the most part, have never previously been seen in europe. There are new and unseen bodies of work by some of the best‐known practitioners, like Hosoe and Moriyama; key works by lesser‐known but equally important historic figures like […]

Markus Brunetti – Facades


Facades Grande Halle   In 2005 Markus Brunetti set out on a long journey through Europe that so far has lasted ten years, until the summer of 2015. In the course of this journey his enthusiasm for the façades of sacred buildings has grown. During this journey to the artistic and architectural roots of european […]

Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti – The Heavens, Annual Report


 Palais de l’Archevêché   Tax havens have quietly taken the world by storm. The growing flow of articles and reports on this poorly understood subject are usually illustrated with images of palm‐fringed tropical beaches. Is that what tax havens really look like? from delaware to Jersey; from the british Virgin Islands to the City of […]

Is Amateur Photography Part of the History of Photography?


10 July 2014.   The recovery of amateur photographs is booming and has even produced a few experts. Is this a serious pursuit? How can their value be assessed? Is interest limited to the pre-digital age? How can the huge number of private collections be discovered? Should family pictures be protected? With the artists Mazaccio […]

What liberties can be taken with the history of photography? The collector’s eye.


9 July 2014. Collectors offer new readings of photographs by making thematic choices or artificial connections between works. Can this sometimes betray the photographer’s intention? Purchasing committees create public collections, whereas private collectors usually work alone. Do these two approaches have the same value? Can a museum accommodate a collector’s ‘temperament’ and integrate his collection? […]

A conversation with David Bailey


A conversation with the famous British portraitist hosted by Tim Marlow, director artistic programmes at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Does Propaganda Photography Make for Interesting Archives?


8 July 2014 The purpose of propaganda pictures is to manipulate public opinion. What is their value years later—a resource for historians, objects of speculation, art works or decoration for teenagers’ bedrooms? How can pictures illustrating politic ideologies that have sometimes led to the deaths of millions of people be handled? With collectors and curators […]

Rentrée en Images 2014: the opening


Since its inception, “Back to School in Images” has grown steadily, all the while increasing the teaching ideas it has to offer. Nine French education authorities are now involved and 10,000 students are able to come with their teachers to experience part of the festival each year. For the tenth consecutive year, the Rencontres is […]

Day of War 14-18


World War I was one of the first events widely covered by photographers. L’Excelsior, a French daily newspaper launched in 1910, featured many of their photographs. Jean-Noël Jeanneney, the host of the highly successful radio programme ‘Concordance des temps’ on France Culture, and the Rencontres’ president, brings the experience of French soldiers in the trenches, […]

Discovery Award 2014, Théâtre Antique


The works of the ten artists nominated in 2014 are presented by the five nominators. Quentin Bajac, chief curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Alexis Fabry, a curator specialising in Latin American photography and the founder of Toluca Editions in Paris. Bohnchang Koo, exhibition curator and photography professor at Kyungil […]

Intuition : Vincent Courtois & Michael Ackerman


This is a show in which Michael Ackerman’s photographs interact with Vincent Courtois’s musical creations, which Courtois performs on his cello, allowing a lot of leeway for improvisation. In it we wanted to think about the rhythm of the images, and not be subjected to the usual norms of standardised screenings that ‘don’t go on […]

Interview of Lucien Clergue


In 2014, for Lucien Clergue’s 80th anniversary, we wanted to put things in order, bring the reading of his photography back to its essential elements and sort out the stories he recounts with such loquaciousness, in order to accompany them.The nudes which made him famous rest alongside fragile scenes where he projects his own bruises […]

Interview Safia Belmenouar


Safia Belmenouar trained as a historian. Her interest in colonial photography led her to throw spotlights on the history of specific countries – Algeria, Cuba – through their iconographic representations. She is the author of Bons baisers des colonies (2007) and, among other academic publications, has participated in such collective works as L’Algérie oubliée (2004) […]

Interview Daile Kaplan


Daile Kaplan is vice president and director of photographs and photobooks at Swann Galleries, New York’s oldest specialty auction house, where she is also an auctioneer. A celebrated speaker about collecting photographs, she has been an appraiser of fine art and vernacular photography, and the photographs specialist on the popular American tv program, Antiques Roadshow.In […]

Interview Joan Fontcuberta


In addition to his photography-oriented visual art work, Joan Fontcuberta, has embraced such varied activities as teacher, critic, exhibition curator and historian. He presents in 2014 the Trepat Collection at the Rencontres d’Arles in the Musée départemental de l’Arles Antique, an invaluable artistic legacy, hitherto unknown to specialists and the public alike.For the first time, […]

Interview Claude Hudelot


Claude Hudelot is a historian of contemporary China and has published several works on Mao Zedong. He is a producer for public radio station France Culture and for television, as well as a documentary filmmaker.Claude Hudelot presents his collection, The Panorama, Mirror of Celestial Bureaucracy, at the Rencontres d’Arles 2014, in the Bureau DesLices. This […]

Interview Artur Walther


The Walther Collection was founded on the practices of early 20th-century German photographers and has expanded to become one of the most important private holdings of contemporary African and Asian photography and video art. Established by Artur Walther, the collection endeavors to create dynamic juxtapositions and to present diverse regional and thematic perspectives.Since 2010, the […]

Interview Martin Parr


Martin Parr is a key figure in the world of photography, recognized as a brilliant satirist of contemporary life. In addition to his work as a photographer and curator, he is a renowned collector of photographic books. In 2014, he presents his collection of Chinese Photobooks at the Rencontres d’Arles, in the Bureau DesLices.The exhibition, […]

Interview W. M. Hunt


W.M. Hunt is a photography collector, dealer, writer, and educator.He has organized major exhibitions, especially for the Rencontres d’Arles where he will present his collection Foule, in 2014, at the Palais de l’Archevêché, a collection that has come together over the past fifteen years or so.This collection gathers pictures of groups: posses, clubs, teams, graduations, […]

Arles in Black 2013


Presentation of the 2013 edition of the Rencontres d’Arles: Arles in Black.

What to do with Family Memories?


6 July 2013. Photo albums or files clutter up all of our closets or computers. What are the reasons behind the absolute need to illustrate memory that produced albums in the 20th century and has taken on a virtual form in the 21st century? Can we appropriate intimate images and give them a second meaning? […]

Photography and the quest for identity


Photography as a way of asserting one’s identity in the world or with the people close to one. It can be part of an analytical process? With the photographers Pieter Hugo, Jean-Michel Fauquet, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Zanele Muholi, Miguel Angel Rojas. Round table led by Pierre Haski, founder and editor-in-chief of Rue89.

Jacques Henri Lartigue, Bibi


“Parcours d’exposition” at the Rencontres de la photographie, Arles   These photographs provide a glimpse into Jacques Henri Lartigue’s private life and the care-free moments of wealthy people. In the desire to capture the instant, they reveal a gentleness and lightness not found in his later work.   The CNDP and Les Rencontres d’Arles carry […]

Sergio Larrain, Retrospective


“Parcours d’exposition” at the Rencontres de la photographie, Arles   The work Sergio Larrain left behind spans only around 15 years but features a bold approach: he was a street photographer who tried to capture the elusive, special instants that give his pictures an impression of evidence.   The CNDP and Les Rencontres d’Arles carry […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Revolution


“Parcours d’exposition” at the Rencontres de la photographie, Arles.   The Revolution series’ title says what photography means to Hiroshi Sugimoto: a way to understand our relationship to time. For him, photography also represents an attempt to make dreams come true and offer a human vision of the world: in that sense it is an […]

Raynal Pellicer, À Fonds perdus


“Parcours d’exposition” at the Rencontres de la photographie, Arles   With “À Fonds perdus”, Raynal Pellicer shows what must no longer be. He brings together cast-off images in order to recreate stories. The goal is to exhibit them before and after touching them up and reframing the front and back of the photograph, showing both […]

Meeting with Simon Norfolk


5 July 2013 Commissioned by the Pictet Award this year, Simon Norfolk presents his latest work in Afghanistan. See the Evening Show at the Théâtre Antique

Round table: Sergio Larrain


3 July 2013 Exhibition curator Agnès Sire and people who were close to Sergio Larrain shed light on the man, his life choices, photography’s role in his career and his relationship to his work. With Agnès Sire, Director of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, curator of the of Sergio Larrain retrospective; Grégoria Larrain Truel, Sergio Larrain’s […]

Around the Evening Show of Hiroshi Sugimoto


3 July 2013. Meeting with Hiroshi Sugimoto. Led by Simon Baker, Curator of Photography and International Art at the Tate Modern in London, and Christian Caujolle, independent curator. See the Evening Show at the Théâtre Antique

Interview with Alain Willaume about Transition (french version)


Alain Willaume participates in Transition, a collaborative photographic project carried out by French and South African photographers and focusing on the territory of South Africa.He investigates the landscape from a human and political point of vue. The photographs exhibited in Arles were shooted in Karoo desert, South Africa, an area rich in shale gas.Production : […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto presents Revolution


At 65, at the top of his career, Hiroshi Sugimoto holds two exhibitions at the Rencontres d’Arles 2013. In this video, he introduces Revolution to the public.   Production : Ouvretesyeux

The 2013 Oskar Barnack Leica Award & Leica NewComer Award

Barnack 2013

The 2013 Oskar Barnack Leica Award & Leica NewComer Award. Given to a photographer whose work best expresses the relationship between man and his environment; and to a photographer under 25. Evgenia Arbugaeva won the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for her portfolio, “Tiksi,” and Ciril Jazbec won the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award for his […]

Forum, 7 July 2013

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Relive the highlights of the day and nights of the Les Rencontres photographiques d’Arles.

Album Beauty by Erik Kessels, Théâtre Antique


An ode to the vanishing era of the photo album by Erik Kessels, a collector of vernacular photography who has spent many a Saturday at outdoor markets and junk stores collecting these amateur narratives, often drawn to their imperfections. According to Kessels, ‘a long and dedicated search through photo albums will occasionally reveal something less […]

Forum, 6 July 2013


Relive the highlights of the day and nights of the Les Rencontres photographiques d’Arles.

Ansel Adams at the Rencontres d’Arles, 1974


A rare public discussion with Ansel Adams, the legendary and reclusive photographer, who had never before left his West coast home in Carmel, California. He was the guest of honor for the 1974 Rencontres d’Arles.

Chromatic Existences


40 years of South African photography. A documentary movie (co-produced by ARTE) and a series of web documentaries.   Directors Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urrea

Forum, 5 July 2013


Relive the highlights of the day and nights of the Les Rencontres photographiques d’Arles.

Discovery Award 2013, Théâtre Antique


Projection of works by the 10 artists nominated in 2013, presented by the five nominators: Zeina Arida, Director of the Arab Image Foundation, Beirut; Diane Dufour, Director of BAL, Paris; Alison Nordström, curator from the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY; Brett Rogers, Director of the Photographer’s Gallery, London; Olga Sviblova, Director of the Multimedia Art […]

Simon Norfolk, Prix Pictet, Théâtre Antique


The Prix Pictet, founded in 2008 by the leading Swiss private bank, Pictet & Cie, is the world’s most prestigious prize in photography and sustainability. Its mission is to reveal outstanding photography applied to confront the most pressing social and environmental challenges of today. For each new cycle, the Prix Pictet adopts a different theme. […]

Tout peut arriver, Gilbert Garcin


This documentary by Ralf Kämpfe reveals the secrets of a man’s strange and wonderful encounter with photography. Strange because this man, Gilbert Garcin, was 65 years old when this encounter took place, and wonderful in that he became an unparalleled illusionist. Through photography, he tells tales, turns his dreams into images and, without seeming to […]

Forum, 4 July 2013


Relive the highlights of the day and nights of the Les Rencontres photographiques d’Arles.

Transition, Social Landscapes


A collective photographic project on an exceptional scale by 12 French and South African photographers who examined photography’s role in depicting and reinterpreting that country.South African photographers: Pieter Hugo, Santu Mofokeng, Zanele Muholi, Cedric Nunn, Jo Ractliffe, Thabiso Sekgala. French photographers: Philippe Chancel, Thibaut Cuisset, Raphaël Dallaporta, Patrick Tourneboeuf, Alain Willaume. Belgian photographer: Harry Gruyaert. […]

Thomas Devaux, Attrition at the Théâtre Antique


3 July 2013, Théâtre Antique, Arles   Thomas Devaux recreates a different world from pictures taken behind the scenes at fashion shows and during exhibition openings.   Executive production: Coïncidence

Forum, 3 July 2013

Forum, 3/7/2013

Relive the highlights of the day and nights of the Les Rencontres photographiques d’Arles.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Shadows at the Théâtre Antique


2 July 2013, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Mythical, mystical Hiroshi Sugimoto, one of the world’s greatest contemporary photographers, talks about his vision, alone on stage. A multidisciplinary artist, he also works with sculpture, installations and architecture. His art connects Eastern and Western ideologies while probing the nature of time, perception, and the origins of consciousness.   […]

Forum, 2 July 2013


Erik Kessels, 24hrs of photos, Palais de l’Archevêché (french version).

Back to School in Images 2011


Since its inception, the project ‘Back to School with Images’—unique of its kind in France—has continued to develop and enrich the pedagogical opportunities it offers. Les Rencontres d’Arles invites 330 classes, from primary school to Masters level, to spend an entire day seeking out the images and cultural heritage of Arles (its architecture, history, design, and […]

Education, Rencontres d’Arles 2011


PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS. For forty years the Rencontres workshops have been giving professional and amateur photographers the chance to under- take personal projects involving the big issues in photography. A great opportunity to meet and exchange with the top people in their field.   PHOTO FOLIO REVIEW & GALLERY. Launched in 2006, Photo Folio Review & Gallery […]

From Here On, Rencontres d’Arles 2011


A Manifesto signed by the exhibition’s five curators : Clément Chéroux, Curator of Photography at the Centre Pompidou, Joan Fontcuberta, artist, Erik Kessels, founder and director of Kessels-Kramer, Martin Parr, photographer with Magnum Photos, Joachim Schmid, artist.

Abbas, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles. Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. ABBAS. Music: Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

Oskar Barnack-Leica Award & New Comer Award 2012

Oskar Barnack prix 2012

Oskar Barnack-Leica Award & New Comer Award 2012. Given to a photographer whose work best expresses the relationship between man and his environment; and to a photographer under 25. US photographer Frank Hallam Day won the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for his portfolio, “Alumascapes,” and Polish photographer Piotr Zbierski won the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer […]

Mehdi Meddaci, “Murs”* / 2012


Mehdi Meddaci: Walls* takes shape as a landscape, a territory. Gestures and situations, arrested in an instant of truth, at the limits of evidence, form the context necessary for a story, for a spooling of time. It consists of an audio-visual installation played simultaneously on five screens accompanying the showing of the sixth cut of Tenir les murs (Hold […]

Martine Franck, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. Martine FRANCK.   Music: Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

Elliott Erwitt at the Théâtre Antique 2/2


5 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   The renowned photographer, famous for his humour and his thrill for dogs, is alone on stage to present his œuvre.   Music: Linda Edsjö, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Jean-Jacques Birgé. Executive production: Coïncidence

Elliott Erwitt at the Théâtre Antique 1/2

Soirée Erwitt IMG_8266

5 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   The renowned photographer, famous for his humour and his thrill for dogs, is alone on stage to present his œuvre.   Music: Linda Edsjö, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Jean-Jacques Birgé. Executive production: Coïncidence

Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. Gueorgui PINKHASSOV.   Music: Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

Bruce Gilden, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. Bruce GILDEN.   Music : Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

David Alan Harvey, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. David Alan HARVEY.   Music: Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

Harry Gruyaert, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. Harry GRUYAERT.   Music: Ève Risser Executive production: Coïncidence

Chien-Chi Chang, Magnum Première


3 July 2012, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   Echoing the celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the ENSP, twenty members of Magnum Photos gather on stage to recall their first photographic steps. Chien-Chi CHANG.   Music : Ève Risser

10 years of the Rencontres d’Arles Awards


Created by the Rencontres d’Arles in 2002, with the immediate support of the LUMA Foundation, the Discovery Award was also an opportunity to invite in Arles over 50 nominators. All the winning artists have gained a great reputation.   Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence.

Iñaki Bonillas, Double Chiaroscuro


Interview of the mexican artist Inaki Bonillas about his work, Double Chiaroscuro. Film making : Pierrick Allain et Yasmine YoussiDouble Chiaroscuro, exhibition venue: couvent Saint-Césaire, Rencontres d’Arles 2011 (Sources: Télérama) 

Maya Goded, Land of witches


Visit of the exhibition Land of witches, Maya Goded, with an interview of the artist. Film making: Pierrick Allain, Yasmine Youssi, Fanny Laemmel (Sources: Télérama) 

Meeting David Horvitz


Interview of David Horvitz. Interview / Editing : Manon Aubel Framing : Léa ColomerRencontres d’Arles 2011. (sources: Photographie.com)

Meeting Mitch Epstein


Interview of Mitch Epstein.  Interview : Manon Aubel Framing : Léa Colomer Editing : Stefany TurnerThéâtre Antique, Rencontres d’Arles 2011. (sources: Photographie.com)

Meeting Maya Goded


Interview of Maya Goded, a Mexican photographer, presenting her work “Welcome to Lipstick” and “Land of witches”.  Interview and editing : Stefany Turner Framing : Léa ColomerRencontres d’Arles 2011. (sources: Photographie.com)

Oskar Barnack-Leica Award & New Comer Award 2011

Prix Oskar Barnack 2011

The 2011 Oskar Barnack Leica Award & Leica NewComer Award. Given to a photographer whose work best expresses the relationship between man and his environment; and to a photographer under 25. Rencontres d’Arles 2011.

Michel Bouvet


CREDITS:  Réalisateur Alison Gallego; Chef Opérateur Thanh Long Bach; Prise de Son Anthony Ornecq ; Realisation Générique Axel Crépaldi ; Montage Elisa Aboulker ; Animation Empreintes Anthony Ornecq ; Animation Typo Mathieu Négrel ; Rotoscopie Vincent Guttmann ; Etalonnage Ingmar Renouardière ; Musique JB Dambroise ; Sound Design Will – O’Bahamas ; Mixage Son David – O’Bahamas ; Logiciels Avid, After Effects, Photoshop, Flint

Is there such a thing as a latino aesthetic?


5 July 2011   With Martin Parr, Graciela Iturbide, Fernando Montiel Klint, photographers. Mauricio Maillé, director of the Visual Arts section of the Fondation Televisa. Marta Daho, Alfonso Morales, curators. Moderator: Yasmine Youssi, journalist at Télérama.

Dulce Pinzón, The Real Story of the Superheroes


The mexican immigrant worker in New York is the epitome of the hero passed unnoticed. Often working long hours under extreme conditions and for very little money, he makes enormous sacrifices to bring financial aid to his family and community.   Executive producer: Coïncidence

JR, TED Award 2011


March 2, 2011, at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California, JR called for the creation of a global art project inspired by his large‐format street “pastings”:  the Inside Out Project. The concept of the project is to give everyone the opportunity to share their portrait and a statement of what they stand for, with […]

Paolo Woods, The Iranians document their green movement


In a commentary on the role of documentary photography today, the artist places these portraits of Iranian families in parallel with today’s news fron Teheran, as shot on cell-phone cameras by street protesters and broadcast via Twitter. Evening screening at the Théâtre Antique, Rencontres d’Arles 2010. Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence

Back to School in Images 2009


Since its launch in 2005, Back to School in Images has enabled 30,000 pupils and students (from primary to master’s degree level) to attend a one-day trail, led by mediators, to discover the visual arts and treasures of Arles’ cultural heritage. The cross-disciplinary nature of the themes addressed in the exhibitions, the multiple possible interpretations, […]

Duane Michals au Théâtre Antique

Projection-2009 Duane Michals

9 July 2009, Théâtre Antique, Arles. This celebrated American photographer, with his richly humorous poetry, soon carved out an innovative niche in a period dominated by documentary photography. Here he presents his series of narrative images in which he perceptively and passionately explores universal issues such as love, loss, innocence and immortality.   Executive production: Coïncidence

The 2009 Oskar Barnack Leica Award & Leica NewComer Award

Prix Oskar Barnack 2009

The 2009 Oskar Barnack Leica Award & Leica NewComer Award. Given to a photographer whose work best expresses the relationship between man and his environment; and to a photographer under 25. Théâtre Antique, Rencontres d’Arles 2009.

Nuit de l’Année 2009


For its fifth edition, the Night of the Year takes over the Parc des Ateliers for a grand photographic wander in which press players, magazins, agencies and photographer collectives show their year’s output in 14 screens in a festive atmosphere.

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Nan Goldin and The Tiger Lilies


11 July 2009, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   With her masterpiece The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, which was unveiled at Arles in 1987 and etched itself onto festival-goers memories, Nan Goldin liberated photography and contemporary art. Continually updated and re-released, it began public life in the New York club circuit, and has since been shown in museums, […]

Duane Michals at the Théâtre Antique


9 July 2009, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   This celebrated American photographer, with his richly humorous poetry, soon carved out an innovative niche in a period dominated by documentary photography. Here he presents his series of narrative images in which he perceptively and passionately explores universal issues such as love, loss, innocence and immortality.   Executive production: […]

Christian Lacroix : 20 ans de haute couture, défilé


12 July 2008, Théâtre Antique, Arles.   The fashion show specially created by Christian Lacroix for the final evening of opening week will present models from the Maison Lacroix’s 40 haute couture collections, with music supplied by DJ Michel Gaubert. For an evening Arles will be the most Parisian of France’s regional cities.   Screening […]

Trisha Ziff, Korda’s Portrait of Che


Reflections on reappropriating one of the best-known images in the history of photography and an icon of the post-’68 generation.   Evening screening at the Théâtre Antique, Rencontres d’Arles 2004.   Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence

Erik Kessels, In Almost Every Picture


15 years of photographs by a husband in love.   Evening screening at the Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2003.   Screening: executive producer, Coïncidence