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23 August 2015

CHARLIE, I AM_Nuit de l’Année 2015

On 7 January 2015, around 11:00 am, we heard the news. A shooting had taken place in the Charlie Hebdo offices. One of our journalists was there. We lived
through a day of fear and stupor, but also of intense work, as always for Libération when major events are unfolding. We were struck to the heart, and for a long time.
We had to translate into images the violence of the attack, the flight of the terrorists, the emotion of the crowd. All the photographers, contributors to Libération, called to action, in Paris and throughout France, worked humbly to capture this historic moment.
Photojournalism on the police pursuit, portraits of participants in the unprecedented demonstration of 11 January, still lifes of the scarred city: photographers’ images accumulated and came together in the movement called ‘We are all Charlie’. This multi-screen installation returns us to those moments and above all to those faces, our faces. They speak of fear, but above all of determination.
The need to feel strong and united in the face of incomprehension and barbarism.
Installation on four screens


carte blanche
Libération , Paris