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3 July 2014

Ciril Jazbec, On thin ice

Winner of the 2013 Photo Folio Review

The On Thin Ice project is a series of photos from Greenland and one of the chapters in a long-term project concerned with the human face of climate change as it threatens various low-lying regions. The series shows the life of hunters in Northern Greenland, In my exploration, I spent most of my time in the village of Saatut with only 250 inhabitants but over 500 Greenlandic dogs. One of the main characters of the story is Unnartoq (72), one of the last remaining people sticking to tradition and living as subsistence hunters. For a European, the conditions in Greenland are extreme; low temperatures require one to be exceptionally strong-willed. However, the daily life of these hunters is changing due to climate change, unpredictable weather, higher temperatures and the resulting thin ice. I strive to use photography to tell a story that is reflected through himself, through his own eyes.

Exhibition venue : Atelier de Chaudronnerie, Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2014.