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Daile Kaplan Collection, Pop Photographica from Les Rencontres d'Arles on Vimeo.

27 June 2014

Interview Daile Kaplan

Daile Kaplan is vice president and director of photographs and photobooks at Swann Galleries, New York’s oldest specialty auction house, where she is also an auctioneer. A celebrated speaker about collecting photographs, she has been an appraiser of fine art and vernacular photography, and the photographs specialist on the popular American tv program, Antiques Roadshow.

In the 1990s she began collecting 3-dimensional decorative and functional objects enhanced with photographs. Soon after, she coined the term ‘pop photographica’ to describe this new genre. This new genre features the full spectrum of everyday artifacts by anonymous and celebrated practitioners.

She presents in 2014 her collection, Pop Photographica: Images and Objects at the Bureau DesLices, a collection which reflects photography’s shifting identity, one that has long encompassed vernacular and fine art expressions, a convergence of high and low cultures. Pop Photographica reformulates our idea of photography at a critical cultural and historical juncture, and offers new insights regarding the dynamic role pictures have played.

Film making : Valentin Bardawil

Pop Photographica: Images & Objects at the Bureau DesLices, Rencontres d’Arles 2014.