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23 July 2015

It’s sunny, I’m going out, Rencontres d’Arles 2015



It’s a nice day, I’m going out: like a reflex. A response to the beckoning outdoors. But here, everything goes wrong. A gap opens up and the image no longer goes without saying.

The vertical tipping of an already‐overturned lorry, the frustrated promise of a famous name, and the perforation of a print: a certain immediate satisfaction is refused. Reality is twisted, distorted. The image alone isn’t enough. It’s necessary to look behind it, or further. To play the game of literal interpretation, enthusiastic membership in the world, almost obsessive zeal, to take one’s distance, to oppose to a cold, clinical look, irreverence, deliberate clumsiness, wickedness, and a childish delight in misbehaving: from one image to another, a certain habitual way of looking that finds itself battered. Photography is no longer the target for its own sake. It becomes material, only takes on meaning in a larger pattern, combined with other clues. It is the work, in the field of art: that of paradox and ambiguity, the possible listening to hollows, background noise, tenuousness, and margins.

For the third partnership between the Centre national des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) and the École nationale supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP), four second‐year students have designed an exhibition based on the CNAP’s photography collections. They have chosen to display images by artists whose practice, seldom limited to photography alone, is deployed in multifarious works with various intentions. Through this emphasis on a voluntarily instrumental, sometimes flippant, relationship to the image, this group forces you to take a step to the side.

Artists: Lynne Cohen, John Hilliard, Douglas Huebler, Peter Hutchinson, Édouard Levé, Walter Pfeiffer, Paola Pivi, Pierre Reimer, Haim Steinbach, Taroop & Glabel, Shoji Ueda, Erwin Wurm.

The exhibition’s title was borrowed from the artist Pierre Reimer and his book Il fait beau je sors, published in 1998 (éditions firmin‐didot).

A free booklet is published in both French and English. Several guides are available to accompany visitors.