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28 October 2015

The Night of the Year 2015

9 July 2015
Papeteries Étienne, Trinquetaille, Arles.

Opening week’s unmissable festive event offers a photographic walk through the festival’s favourite Works by artists and photographers as well as carte blanche exhibitions by institutions.
Organised the same night as the Nuit de la Roquette, the 2015 Night of the Year is a long walk through the Roquette quarter to the Papeteries Étienne paper mill, open to the public for the first time.

With projections from: Thierry Bouêt, Manuel Bougot, Natasha Caruana, Maxi Cohen, Alain Cornu, Jean-Marie Donat, David Fathi, David Lepolard, Vincent Munier, Tim Richmond, Michael Roy, Gordon Stettinius, Bertrand Stofleth, Catherine Vincent, Ester Vonplon, Alain Willaume, Graeme Williams, British Journal of Photography, De l’air, FotoFocus Biennal, FoMu, galerie Le Magasin de jouets, Gobelins, Libération, La nouvelle scène espagnole, les Nuits photographiques, Off the Wall, Silencio, Yossi Milo Gallery…
Musical programming by Silencio.

Art directors: Sam Stourdzé and Aurélien Valette.