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L’intuition , Vincent Courtois & Michael Ackerman from Les Rencontres d'Arles on Vimeo.

9 July 2014

Intuition : Vincent Courtois & Michael Ackerman

This is a show in which Michael Ackerman’s photographs interact with Vincent Courtois’s musical creations, which Courtois performs on his cello, allowing a lot of leeway for improvisation. In it we wanted to think about the rhythm of the images, and not be subjected to the usual norms of standardised screenings that ‘don’t go on too long’. Slowing things down is also a way of allowing enough time for gazes to cross and be exchanged. The presentation of the photographs is not a ‘slide show’, because our aim is to make them exist in the space so that they construct it, deconstruct it and reinvent it. And nor is it a ‘musical illustration’, which are unfortunately presented far too often when it is a matter of either ‘soundtracking’ the images, or ‘accompanying’ them with music. Here music and images make a whole, single object. From the beginning to the end.
Christian Caujolle


Cello and composition: Vincent Courtois.
Photographs: Michael Ackerman.
Scenography: Christian Caujolle.
Video projection: Quentin Vigier.
Sound: Gérard de Haro.
Production : Compagnie de l’Imprévu.
Artist-in résidence at the Friche Belle de Mai.
Coproduction Scène Nationale de Valence