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19 July 2015

Personal affairs, Thierry Bouët at The Rencontres d’Arles 2015

‘Hello sir, I’m calling about your ad on Le Bon Coin concerning the riding boots. Are they still available?’

  • —  ‘yes, they are.’
  • —  ‘Great. Where are they from?’
  • —  ‘An Italian shoemaker.’
  • —  ‘Are they new or used?’
  • —  ‘I’ve hardly ever worn them. I got the wrong size. Are you a size 41?’
  • —  ‘Well, I’m calling you for a rather special reason. I’m a photographer preparing a show about unusual items people sell on Le Bon Coin.’
  • —  ‘Aha, okay. And since when are boots unusual items?’
  • —  ‘As far as I know, you’re the only person selling bespoke riding boots. Would it be possible to meet you and photograph your boots?’
  • —  ‘Whatever strikes your fancy. Are you free on Wednesday?’
  • —  ‘Let’s say ten o’clock?’
  • —  ‘Well, no, actually, I have to work until noon on Wednesday.’
  • —  ‘In that case, half‐past twelve at your stable?’
  • —  ‘If that suits you, yes.’
  • —  ‘Let me take down your address.’
  • —  ‘If you have GPs, it’ll bring you there. Will you take the A6b?’
  • —  ‘no, don’t worry. I’ll be in the neighbourhood.’

Thierry Bouët



Exhibition curator: Sam Stourdzé.

Publication: Affaires privées, éditions Xavier Barral, 2015. Prints by picto, Paris.

Framing by plasticollage and Circad, Paris.

Exhibition venue: Grande halle, parc des Ateliers.