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23 July 2015

Raymond Hains, photographer, Rencontres d’Arles 2015



Raymond Hains is one of the most noteworthy figures in the history of contemporary art. Although he signed the Constitutive Declaration of New Realism in Yves Klein’s studio in october 1960, his work defies classification. His slashed posters and supersized matchboxes are among his best‐known works, but in the 1940s he was interested in photography. This show features approximately 30 photographs he took during his travels. To see them, visitors must wander around Arles’ La roquette quarter and into the nine businesses participating in this offbeat show, including a mouth‐watering caterer, a very good bistro, an appetising greengrocer, a bookshop/tearoom, a family‐run minimart and a passionate florist’s shop. Hains would have loved the idea of once again being where you least expect him. The route stretches from rue des Porcelet to the Van Gogh pharmacy, the little Casino, and place Antonelle. The artist probably would have based a pun on Van Gogh, Casino, and Porcelet. Whatever the technique he used, Hains, whom Iris Clerc dubbed ‘the king of the metaphysical pun’, breathed his almost indescribable spirit into his images.

Cyrille Putman


Exhibition curator: Cyrille Putman
The following businesses in Arles host the show: Room Service, Le Mangelire, Citrouille & Ratatouille, Le Gibolin (rue des porcelet), L’Antonelle, La Foire aux plantes, Casino (place Antonelle), Le Comptoire des Porcelets (rue des porcelets) L’Agence arlésienne (place paul Doumer).
Works by the artist will also be displayed on the backs of Taco & Co. bicycles.