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4 April 2016


The street and city as playground. Photographers have always practiced street photography, which has witnessed a renewal in recent years.

Sid Grossman
From Document to revelation. His photographs and legacy
Sid Grossman, an influential Photo League figure, was active after the war and blacklisted for his ‘un-American’ activities. This show takes a look back at the short but stunning career of a little-known master of Street Photography.

Ethan Levitas/Garry Winogrand, Radical Relation
A great photographer dialogues with one of his heirs: Joshua Chang meets that challenge by presenting work by Winogrand (1928-1984) and Levitas (1971) opposite each other.

Peter Mitchell
A New Refutation of the Viking 4 Space Mission
Mitchell’s 1979 show left an impression on everybody who saw it, especially Martin Parr. In his photographic survey of the people and places of Leeds, he put the emphasis on colour. At the time, a NASA space probe was exploring Mars; Mitchell added a touch of fantasy by punctuating his documentary rigour with pictures of the red planet: Leeds through Martians’ eyes.

Eamonn Doyle
Eamonn Doyle crossed over to photography from music late in life. Walking through his neighbourhood’s streets, combining forms and colours, he captured fleeting images of the street.

Christian Marclay
Tackling the great street photography tradition, Christian Marclay awakens the poetry of urban waste and composes a symphony for abandoned bottles.