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23 July 2015

The LP Company, Rencontres d’Arles 2015



Laurent & Patrick (LP) met at the office. During one momentous coffee break they discovered that they shared the same passion for music and especially for vinyl records of obscure and fascinating bands.

The LP Collection exhibition presents a snapshot of their work of documentation and distribution, focusing on collection of some 6,000 discs. Drawing upon film and photography as well as text and performance, their project expanded into a series of musical productions in the form of digital and physical albums. Tracking these shadowy bands, Laurent & Patrick discovered a series of objects and photographs, relics of this under‐the‐radar musical subcontinent. The exhibition makes this multiform trove available for the first time, displaying in three dimensions what may be viewed in part on the www.thelpcollection.com site.

The exhibition is in three parts: Emblematic Albums, Enigmatic Figures, and Something Like the South. They present albums representing the collection’s diverse genres and origins; a series of album covers, like nirvana’s Nevermind, featuring figures of unfixed identity; and albums which have in common a 1975 release date and imagery referring to the south of france. A musical annex showcases groups from around the world who draw upon The LP Collection for some astonishing cover versions of its treasures.



Exhibition curator: Sam Stourdzé.
With support from Swiss Confederation and Pro Helvetia.
Publication: The LP Collection, Hidden Treasures of Underground Music, LP Books, 2013
(also available in French, Le Mot et le Reste, 2014).

Prints partly by Central DUPON images.
Framing by plasticollage and Circad, Paris.

Exhibition venue: Atelier des Forges, parc des Ateliers.