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Arles 2015

Hybridisation, contamination, confrontation, friction… photography reinvents itself through contact at the intersection of disciplines and movements. It continues to surprise us today with its ability to address issues — not solely artistic, but also social, cultural, and historical…
The wellnamed photographic Rencontres (Encounters) multiply its impact, echoing and promoting artistic practices both historical and contemporary .

The festival offers major retrospectives (Stephen Shore), a reexamination of the work of the great masters of photography (Walker Evans), new formats (Total Records), astonishing collections (those of Jean-Marie Donat and Wouter Deruytter), unexpected photojournalism (Ambroise Tézenas, Alice Wielenga, the Congo of Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin), unprecedented interdisciplinary collaborations (Martin Parr and Matthieu Chedid), all at the heart of a rich and festive programme extending throughout the summer.