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Barthes is Back

8 and 9 July 2015
Barthes is Back
supervised by Bernard Comment
coordination : Nathalie Lacroix

As part of the Roland Barthes centenary (1915-1980): two days of meetings, projections, dialogues, readings and performances with artists and researchers to remember, reflect and create around Barthes and photography.

“Roland Barthes revolutionised our approach to photography, especially with his book Camera Lucida, which has become the touchstone for all contemporary writing on the topic. Yet, paradoxically, Barthes did not write well about photography. He sought a phantasmagorical ‘photography without photographers’, a sort of modern-day version of achiropoietos (‘not made by the hand of man’) images. If Camera Lucida has become a touchstone, and sometimes a compass, it is because of the development, in the book’s second part, of a fiction of resurrection, through a photograph of the child mother in a winter garden that unleashes a stream of thoughts on the image as the place of the ‘this was’ and even more so of the ‘this is’, where the lost loved one is miraculously found again, like Ulysses finds his mother’s ghost in the Nekuia.” (Bernard Comment)

A curator with carte blanche leads each half-day workshop: Chantal Thomas, Rodolphe Burger, Bernard Comment and Hans-Ulrich Obrist invite authors, artists, researchers and filmmakers to discuss Barthes’ complex relationship to photography and the legacy of his thought today. They and their guests are free to conduct the workshops any way they see fit: conversations, performances, meetings, workshops, projections, etc.

With support from the Institut Français, ARTE and the Luma Foundation.