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Denis Roche, Odd Man Out


Two days of discussions, projections, conversations, lectures, and performances pay homage to writer and photographer Denis Roche, who died in 2015. They explore a body of work where writing and photography continuously cross and dialogue with each other.

Each of these half-day workshops is designed as a carte blanche given to a single intellectual who, in turn, invites authors, artists, scholars, filmmakers, and photographers to question the complex relationship established by Denis Roche between text and image. The guests have free rein as to the form of their contributions: conversations, performances, encounters, workshops, screenings, etc. These contemporary workshops are oriented towards the creative arts, with artists who knew or were influenced by Denis Roche, in order to say: he lives on.

Organiser and general coordinator: Nathalie Lacroix (Le Bureau des Activités Littéraires).
Scientific advisor: Bernard Comment (writer and director of Éditions du Seuil’s ‘Fiction & Cie’ imprint, founded by Denis Roche).