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23 July 2015

Vincent Ferrané, Rencontres d’Arles 2015



A woman in a blue shirt with dark blond hair and a gentle face moves through the centre and outskirts of Angers. She crosses these neighbourhoods, perhaps wandering a little. In any case, walking, she becomes the lone narrator of an enigmatic, silent journey. The action occurs on a single sunny day, but in many places: urban and peri‐urban areas, gardens, a bridge, roads to a mall and its huge car parks, shops, supermarkets, escalators and cafeterias. A moving gaze shows us the way. The images have a dual nature: they are the portrait of a young woman walking in a town and at the same time the revelation of a subjectivity, a perception of the world. This is a film with suspended images: Vincent Ferrané has built the photographic whole from photograms that are excerpts from a flowing sequential order. The images, then, are loaded with a fictional potential based on their latent duration and the appeal to the imagination, which also appears in the short video sequences that are presented, like blocks of moving time.

Who is this woman? Her name is Armelle. That is barely suggested. Is she pursuing a goal? Is she waiting for a miracle, or for an encounter that might change the course of her life?
We are given some hints, which must be deciphered like the clues of a fragmented scenario. The influences on Mr. Ferrané’s project are to be sought in a poetic and philosophical reflection on inhabited spaces built to house specific gestures and functions, the mythologies of our over‐modernity, or the anthropology of new cities. All this calls into question first our utopias, then our disillusions. What remains, then, like the figure, is to strike out in offbeat directions.

Léa Bismuth



Exhibition curator: Fannie Escoulen.
Vincent Ferrané’s photographic work was produced with the collaboration of Armelle Roncin.

Scenography: Whitepapierstudio, Cyril Delhomme.

This project was developed by the ‘Fonds de Dotation Casino immobilier & Développement pour le partage d’initiatives culturelles’, which receives support from two main partners and sponsors, Mercialys and immobilière Groupe Casino. It was carried out in the historic heart of Angers (Maine-et-Loire) and the espace Anjou mall.
This exhibition has been made possible by support from the following malls: La Galerie – Géant Arles; La Galerie – Géant istres; La Galerie Cap Costières in Nîmes; La Galerie jas de bouffan
in Aix-en-Provence.
Exhibition venue: Commanderie Sainte-Luce.