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11 April 2016

Western Stories

Westerns, with their frontier tales, rugged scenery and wide-open spaces, were also shot in the Camargue.

Camarguais Western

In 1907, Joe Hamman and Jean Durand decided to film westerns in the Camargue. A Hanging in Jefferson City (1910), The Burning Prairie (1911) and A Hundred Dollars Dead or Alive (1910) established the genre and marked cinema’s earliest days. The Camargue’s wide-open spaces, wild horses and train between Arles and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer lent themselves well to those films. In 1962, Johnny Halliday carried on the tradition, starring in D’où viens-tu Johnny? with herders playing cowboys. A look back at the great epic of the Camargue western!


Bernard Plossu
Western colors

Bernard Plossu’s passion for America is old. From his trips to the West he brought back many long-forgotten images. Today they go by like a road trip.