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16 July 2012

Is there a French School?

6 July 2012.

Post-WWII humanism present in French photography was superseded by major commissions focused on specific regions and territories after the DATAR (Délégation à l’Aménagement du Territoire et à l’Attractivité Régionale) mission in the 1980s.
Where does French photography stand today at a time when it is German, English, Danish and American photography that is most often in the spotlight. What role did the ENSP play?

With Quentin Bajac, head curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art (New York),
Simon Baker, Tate Modern (London),
Clément Chéroux, photography curator at the Centre Pompidou,
Arnaud Claass and Christian Milovanoff, tutors and co-founders of the ENSP,
and Bruno Serralongue, photographer.

Chaired by Bernard Marcelis, art critic.