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10 July 2009

Anders Petersen in Arles

I like to look.

I want to have the innocent eyes of a child and look at the world for the first time.

I noticed I have a growing desire to be dog-like and primitive.

Someone photographing his experiences and memories on the fringes of identity, before they become more complex.

Understand that you find more creative vitamins in dirt on earth than mingling with angels in the sky.

Usually I don’t take pictures looking for reality.

Reality is overrated and means so many lovely and contradictory things.

But obviously, I like this confusion.

It’s a kind of platform allowing you to feel good inside, and I found out it helps a little to be shy and small.

Photography is never about photography, but sometimes it lightly touches your reality.

I believe in what I feel and if you illuminate it through yourself it can sometimes be a way to capture life as close as a self-portrait.

Never without risk, absolutely stimulating.

For me there are encounters that matter, pictures matter less.

You simply have to find your own act of balance, not being sentimental and not disappearing from these encounters and love affairs.

You need one foot inside the situation, but the other one outside.

So I keep trying to ask the same questions without ceremony

knowing there is more hidden than visible.

Always surprised by the unpredictable.

Anders Petersen

Exhibition venue : Atelier de Mécanique, Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2009.