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14 August 2008

Angela Strassheim, Left behind

I cannot deny the influence photographing dead bodies and crime scenes for six years had on the way that I approached photographing my born-again Christian family. These photographs similarly approach the subject-matter of my family with detachment of clinical observation. I am attracted to the already existing pristine, saccharine pastel interiors of the upper-middle-class home. I work with large format cameras and professional lighting to capture as much detail as possible in the settings as well as the details of a person’s face. With the photographs in Left Behind I was interested in how religious values seep into everyday routine activities. The title Left Behind refers to those lives that go ‘unsaved’ in terms of my family’s beliefs and to remnants that provide evidence of a life after someone passes away.

In Pause I use a similar stylistic and conceptual approach in making the images. However, this time I was focusing on the relationship between father and daughter. I was still interested in the candy colours and still perfection. I became even more interested in the perspective forcing the viewer to be a more active participant in the seemingly mundane moments which shape our lives. There are some very new images in which I spent five months on a small Minnesota college campus photographing college life. I was interested in the outside influence of friends and the heightened sense of touch.

Angela Strassheim

She is represented by Marvelli Gallery, New York.

Artist presented by Carla Sozzani.

Exhibition venue: Grande Halle, Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2008.