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ADAMS, Robert

PORTRAIT-ADAMSBorn in Orange, New Jersey in 1937, Robert Adams lives in Colorado.

Adams was born in the urban decay of industrial New Jersey but moved to Colorado in the early years of his career.

Adams has chosen not to photograph the natural beauty of the landscape, but to document without irony, the transformation of that landscape by human activity.

His pictures and writing have been widely honored. Among Robert Adams’s many writings and monographs :
Our Lives & Our Children (1983), Summer Nights (1985), Los Angeles Spring (1986), Perfect Times, Perfect Places (1988), To make it home; Photographs from the American west (1989), West from the Columbia ; views at the river Mouth (1995), Essais sur le beau en photographie (1996), Commercial residential; Landscape along the Colorado Front Range, 1968-1972 (2003).