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DUROU, Jean-Marc

DUROU-Jean-MarcBorn in 1951 in Algiers.

Lives and works in Paris.

The infinite silence that reigns in the desert fascinated Jean-Marc Durou and still continues to enthral him today.

He discovered Niger, Mali and Mauritania at the age of 23. He then fell in love with the desert and became a desert photographer and historian. A friend and collaborator of Théodore Monod, Jean-Marc Durou illustrated new works, several hundred thousand copies of which were sold, including ‘l’Exploration du Sahara,’(The Exploration of the Sahara) ‘Territoires nomades,’(Nomadic Territories) ‘La Passion du désert’(Passion for the Desert) and ‘Emotions sahariennes’(Saharan Emotions).

Even if he produces reports in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, he is still strongly attracted to the Sahara and constantly returns there in order to photograph it. His work has won multiple awards.  He is an elected member of the Museum of Man’s French Africanist Society and was awarded the Henri Duveyrier Medal from the French Geographical Society and the Prix Bayard from the French Museum of Photography.

Jean-Marc Durou presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2006, with his series I want to scream ! at the Atelier de Mécanique.