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PORTRAIT-FACCHETTIBorn in 1912 near Brescia, Italy.

Lives in Paris.

In the mid-1930’s he opened a photography studio at 198 Rue Saint Jacques in Paris and began taking portraits. After the war he showed at the Salon National de la Photographie with Brassaï, Izis, Boubat and Doisneau.

Moving to a bigger studio at 17 Rue de Lille in 1948, Facchetti extended his range to include fashion photography, advertising, nudes and abstraction. At this time he joined Otto Steinert’s Subjektive Fotografie group and in 1951 turned his studio into an art gallery specialising in lyrical abstraction and abstract expressionism.

Finding himself at the confluence of all the arts, he took portraits of the literati and artists around him: Dali, Breton, Jean Paulhan, Michaux, Dubuffet, Truman Capote and others.

His gallery then became his prime concern, but he continued, discreetly and determinedly, with his work as a photographer.

Paul Facchetti presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2008: Paul Facchetti at the Magasin Electrique.