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FRÉGER, Charles

PORTRAIT-FREGERBorn in 1975 in Bourges, France.

Lives in Rouen.

Since 1999 he has been working on an inventory titled Portraits Photographiques et Uniformes, in which he focuses on dress and uniforms.

Fréger’s images record the effects of socialisation to be found in the clothing that constitutes the surface of our being. He enjoys pinning down the differences between one kind of dress and another and from one tribe to another – the differences that make us ourselves among other people – and his curiosity steadily pushes him further both in his quest for subjects and in his formal explorations. It is as if he were endlessly seeking to go deeper into the identification of different communities; as if, in order to take someone’s portrait, he has to wish himself in the other’s place and the other’s clothes.

Fréger exhibits regularly all over the world and has published several books including Portraits Photographiques et Uniformes, Légionnaires, Rikishi and Lux. He is also a founder member of Piece of Cake (POC), a network of European photographers.

Charles Fréger presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2008, with his series Empire 2004-2007 at the Atelier de Maintenance.

In 2014, Charles Fréger proposes the exhibition Fabula at the Studio Fotokino, Marseille.