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PORTRAIT-GIMPEL-02Born in 1873 in Strasbourg (France).

Died in 1948 in Sévignacq-Meyracq, France.

Famed photojournalist Léon Gimpel made a gift during his lifetime of his collection of images and the precious manuscript of his memoirs to the Société Française de Photographie. In 2008 this institution, together with the Musée d’Orsay, organised his first retrospective. Gimpel worked for the newspaper L’Illustration on commission and by series. A bold, inventive, and humorous photographer, he was fascinated by the Lumière brothers’ first colour process, the autochrome, becoming one of its most skilled practitioners. He recorded subjects as varied as the illumination of Paris, mushrooms, airships and balloons, metallography, anaglyph stereoscope images, his family’s vacations, and the Paris floods.

Self-Portrait of Léon Gimpel.