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PORTRAIT-GOIRISBorn in 1971 in Bornem, Belgium.

Lives and works in Antwerp. 

Geert Goiris travels a lot, with the emphasis on unusual places where he finds the powerful, strangely beautiful “scenes” he uses to compose his photographs.

Most often it is the hand of man that mainly underlies the strangeness of the situations he is drawn to. He himself speaks of “traumatic realism” and his images radiate a mysterious poetry. These scenes, in which all is true, can also be considered as mental landscapes in which the real strives towards some kind of ideal. 

Working mainly in medium format, he sometimes uses wall-sized prints that allow the viewer to project himself mentally into the full splendour of the image.

Geert Goiris presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2006, nominated by Marc-Olivier Wahler for the 2006 Outreach Award: Geert Goiris at the Magasin Electrique.