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PORTRAIT-LEWISBorn in Hamilton, Canada, in 1957.

He lives and works in London, where he studied with Victor Burgin. After a documentary period marked by a considerable theoretical output, he began exploring a deliberate mix of art history and political issues. In the mid-90s he decided to devote himself to cinema, and 1995 brought Cinema in Parts, a challenge to the principle of narrative and ideological unity by which the cinema has always been governed. Lewis’s films are intended for art venues: galleries, museums and exhibitions. Mostly shown as loops and projected onto walls, they are meant to be looked at as paintings in movement, with the viewer free to leave at any moment. Filmed in 2001, Algonquin Park is a single continuous shot of a mist-shrouded lake.

In France Mark Lewis is represented by the cent8 gallery.

Mark Lewis presented his work at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2007: Jeff Wall / Mark Lewis, Looking.