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Johan Sjöström has been a curator at the BildMuseet in Umea, Sweden since 1998. The BildMuseet is a museum of international contemporary art and visual culture, and one of the leading institutions of its kind in Scandinavia and Europe. 

Sjöström has been invited to review and lecture at numerous international photo events including FotoFest in Houston, USA; Rhubarb International Folio Session in Birmingham, UK; Artphoto Image Festival in Bucharest, Romania; Bratislava Month of Photography in Slovakia; and Skábmagovat in Inari, Finland. 

He has contributed to magazines such as Artphoto and Paletten, and is also the editor of several publications including Lara Baladi – Kai’ro, The Politics of Place, Mats Hjelm: Trilogy, Mirror’s Edge, and Head North. 

He is on the advisory board of Pavilion Magazine and involved in the upcoming Bucharest Biennale, scheduled for May 2008.

Johan Sjöström was nominator for the Discovery Award of the Rencontres d’Arles in 2007. He nominated the following artists: Nanna Hänninen; Qiu and Trinidad Carrillo.