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YOKOTA, Daisuke


Born 1983, Saitama, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


A graduate of the Nippon Photography institute, Daisuke Yokota is one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed young artists. His radical work exploits the relationship of photography and memory, often using the idea of reverberation and echo. His praxis involves manipulating the same images repeatedly, introducing accidents during the development process to create an analog, resolutely singular work. Daisuke Yokota multiplies his artisanal experiments, shifting impartially among digital, analog, and mixed techniques. he is a member of the AM projects collective and the author of several books, including Back Yard (2011), Site/Cloud (2013), Vertigo (2014), and Corpus (2015). His work was presented in a 2014 solo show at FOAM, Amsterdam.



Another LanguageEIGHT JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS – The Rencontres d’Arles 2015



Portrait: courtesy of the artist.