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14 August 2008

David Urbano, Short cuts

These images are part of a larger archive which the artist has been working on for several years. They are a series of landscapes that try to tell stories from different cities around the world. These settings act as a background to situations dominated by human figures, or the absence of them, which happen to be a part of the image like an element for itself.

These small stories are space and time fragmentations, unexpected situations that are narrated through the elements of the image. Elements which appear from an accidental form and help the photographer to create the image instinctively. This, we could say, is the connecting theme of the exhibition.

The position of the photographer is one of an observer, a mere spectator, who remains outside the image and has nothing to do with the content of it. He does not alter nor manipulate the setting to obtain a result, but also is simply positioned at the time of capturing all those external elements as one, in order to give a subjective point of view.

The artist is trying to transmit the sensations which, according to him, dominate our present society. A global and plural society which also shares a series of universal feelings such as solitude, isolation or the emptiness that settles down in the interpersonal relations, understanding all this, not like something negative, but like something of beauty which rules over our world. Loneliness is the beauty of our times.

The pictures are story narrations that sometimes hide more than they show, with the added element of those strange tranquillities of the photographed places.

Prints produced by Dupon Digital Lab.

Artist presented by Luis Venegas.

Exhibition venue: Grande Halle, Parc des Ateliers, Rencontres d’Arles 2008.