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6 August 2011

Clicks and classes 2011: There, I see us !

Clicks and Classes is a nationwide programme aimed at increasing young people’s awareness of photography. Now in its eighth consecutive year, it is organised by the SCÉRÉN [CNDP-CRDP], a resources and publications service of the French Ministry of Education. Along with the Ministry, several public and private sponsors, including HSBC, Mexico and Nouvelle Calédonie are also associated with this project. Inspired by the theme ‘Portrait to class photo’, schools have been setting up projects in which pupils work alongside artists. From kindergarten to higher education, pupils spend several weeks working with a photographer or an artist working in another medium. Their task is to analyse and re-think the traditional class photograph, that obligatory feature of school since the invention of photography. Involving visual artists in the process helps pupils come to terms in an artistic way with the school environment. It is a truly innovative experiment that also provides a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know an artist and to gain a better understanding of all that is involved in portraiture. Over the last seven years, 6,000 pupils have been guided by 150 photographers to set up artistic projects, exhibited each year in Arles. In the 2011 Rencontres d’Arles, the spotlight will be on a selection of projects that have come out of this excellent campaign since its inception and on the work that has been done thanks to our three partners.

Photographers who participated in the project: Pascal Aimar, Olivier Billon, Ragnar Chacin et Guillaume Corpart, Clark et Pougnaud, Antoine de Givenchy, Geoffrey Defachelles, Bertrand Desprez, Didier Devos, Rémi Guerrin, Maria Antonieta Heredia Lopez, Stéphanie Lacombe, Anne Lallemand, Yann Linsart, Émile Loreaux, Lucie et Simon, Gaëlle Magder, Frédérique Massabuau, Emmanuelle Murbach, Matthias Olmeta, Nicolas Pinier, Laurence Reynaert, Yves Rouillard, David Samblanet, Éric Sinatora, Patrice Thomas, Isabelle Vaillant, Aurore Valade.

Exhibition venue: Palais de Luppé, Rencontres d’Arles 2011.