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20 August 2009

ENSP 2009 graduates


These are the works by the budding young artists just graduated from the French National School of Photography (ENSP) in Arles. They offer a diverse range of artistic experiences, and affirm multiple and singular presences in the world. Without neglecting what has already been done, or the tribulations of their medium (photography or video) through history, each of them invents new visual forms to slip between genres or make these less rigid: documents akin to fiction, and fables that reference reality. Vera Schöpe bears witness to borders, conducting a poetic investigation that blends travelogue, maps and observations. Justine Pluvinage lends an ear to powerful stories and discovers a world very close to our own, but which ordinarily we do not perceive or refuse to hear. Gilles Pourtier captures the states of the world, and reveals its strange and disturbing obviousness as if our visual habits stopped us from seeing what happens before our eyes. Matilde Brugni, working at the intersection of dream and reality, invents a very real country—Finland—in an almost surreal manner. Agnès des Ligneris explores possible memories, rebuilding childhood with its fears and dramas or, conversely, its insouciance and shared intimacy. Each of them pays extreme attention to objects, places, people and events, the better to see and understand them. They have learned that the photographic image is not simply a mechanical recording of the world, but the visual translation of an experience—its spiritual equivalent, which they must successfully convey.

Texte by Christian Milovanoff, photographer, teacher at the French National School of Photography, Arles.

Exhibition proposed by Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Arles.

Exhibition venue: Salle Henri Comte, Rencontres d’Arles 2009.