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14 August 2010

The SFR Young Talent Exhibition, 2010


Sponsor for this 4th edition of the SFR Young Photo Talent exhibition is Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz, and the theme—Photography and the Revelation of Emotion—reflects the quest behind her own work: big, varied subjects with the accent always on the feelings. Every one of the photographs here, many of them with a dual meaning, lays bare the depths of the subject’s soul.

From the conceptual to reportage, from faces to landscapes, each of the 8 photographers on show follows this dual-mirror path, this revelation to the viewer of their own personalities and those of their subjects.

Works by François-Régis Durand, Rodrigo Albert, Anaiz Ito, Cetrobo.com, Lucia Herrero, Beata Szparagowska, Virginie Maillard, Mathieu Grac—SFR Young Photo Talent winners—accompanied by a selection of photos by Isabel Muñoz.

François-Régis DURAND

Grand Prize winner, SFR Young Photo Talent 2010

Prizewinner SFR Young Photo Talent/Rencontres d’Arles 2010

Born in Paris in 1961, lives in Paris.


François-Régis Durand’s photoreportage from Madagascar radiates deep humanism, poetry and emotion. An emotion generated and foregrounded by framing that unfailingly highlights poignant looks and gestures, and by a use of colour and texture that recreates for the viewer the real, intimate, daily life of the island’s inhabitants: time drifting by dust ever-present perspiration

‘The masterly skill of his framing calls into play an astonishingly modern light and shade that constantly reveals gazes crossing with gazes within his images His remarkably profound sense of colour almost gives the sharpness of 3D, but without resort to special effects. Without any ‘avatar’.Absolutely true to life, François-Régis Durand makes his authentic emotional generosity the spontaneous reflector of his photographic message.’

Alain Mingam

Self-taught, François-Régis Durand was first drawn to photography as a child, falling under the spell of books of images that revealed a fascinating world and pointed the way down the path he would ultimately follow.


Prizewinner SFR Young Photo Talent/Rencontres d’Arles 2010

Born in 1976 in Madrid. Lives in Anglet.


‘The beach tribe came to me as an anthropol­ogical revelation. Groups of friends and families there by the water’s edge, with all the equipment needed for a day in the sun: parasols, towels, cool boxes, spades and so on. And the kids, the dog, the grandmother and so on. All perfectly arranged in space.The photographs were taken using the old studio portrait model, with the tribe shown posed around its utensils for anthropological purposes.The sky and the sea look like a painted backdrop, and you’d almost believe that the sand has been spread just for the shot. The outcome triggers a sense of nostalgia for a kind of photography that no longer exists.’

With training in architecture, photography and physical theatre, Lucia Herrero practices a form of social analysis aimed at making the normal exceptional.

Exhibition venue: couvent Saint-Césaire, Rencontres d’Arles 2010.