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12 July 2011

Fernando Montiel Klint, Acts of Faith

The society we have ended up with atomises and isolates its members, the technology co-dependents we’ve become, individualists and consumers engulfed by a near-unearthly quest for total pleasure in which we are ceasing to recognise and know ourselves for what we intrinsically are. Interaction has been ousted by virtual simulation within which introspection and the search for being, for the interior, free-souled ‘I’, are shrinking inexorably. What is the exact meaning of ‘faith’ here? My focus is on exploration of the act of faith in contemporary life without reference to religion. I recreate my mental liberation through mises en scène and actions that are caught by the camera; actions in which, searching for introspection, I invent deceitful realities composed of absurd ambiences. Introspection is also a path of light leading towards contemplation and individual liberation, towards moments of inspiration during which, in a mental culmination, the infinite is disclosed to me like a revelation. That which has no end—that which is of the essence—transcends this world; faith replaces logic, transforming itself into an eternal, circular act.

Fernando Montiel Klint

Exhibition venue : Cloître Saint-Trophime, Rencontres d’Arles 2011.