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7 August 2011

The Méjan and the Galerie VU’ presents José Ramon Bas, Rencontres d’Arles 2011

As an extension of the Ndar exhibition presented at Galerie VU’ from May 13 to September 3, the exhibition José Ramón Bas, from the imaginary to the object offers a cross-sectional narrative through the work of an artist who defies classification. Bas invents objects that preserve the memories of his experiences, of his emotions. An indefatigable traveller, mostly in Africa and Latin America, he shoots pictures of the people and landscapes he encounters. Back in his workshop in Spain, as the imaginary blends with memory, he starts to transform his images into objects. Photographs, while reproducible by nature, become unique thanks to the artist’s inspiration and the different ways he brings it to bear: he draws boats and people directly on the print, he glues silver paper on its surface, he scratches the very image. This original photograph, a perfect reconstitution of the memory and associated emotions, is finally sealed under a coat of resin. As chunks of memory encapsulated in blocs of resin, José Ramón Bas’s objects give rise to dreams, and invite the viewer to gather up his own memories: memories of instants forever gone, but which such pieces, created by an artist, keep indefinitely alive in our imagination.

Exhibition venue: Cinémas Actes Sud, Rencontres d’Arles 2011.